Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Year’s Photography Project

So January is almost over and I am just now sharing that I have started a photography project for the year.  I decided at pretty much the last minute that I was going to start a Project 52 on the SHUTTER|bag facebook page. 

I have kept up with it, despite only talking about it here until now.

So here are the photos that I have shared so far.

Week #1 was Future:

Cassidy-close-upThis is Little Lady with a dirty face and before I did her hair for the day. Our future involves her adoption…sometime.  Ugh.


Week #2 was Past:

Cross-webThis small cross statue sits on my desk next to my monitor. It reminds me that no matter what my past has in it, He still loves me and has a perfect purpose for me.


Week #3 was Heat:

HeatThis is Cole gazing into the fire while staying warm.  I love this shot of him.


Week #4 (this current week) is a Wild Card, so there is no theme.  Every month there will be a “free” week to keep the pressure off. 


I bought some sunflowers at the grocery store because they were stunning.  They never opened, but that is alright. I was really infatuated with the deep purple leaves underneath and the detail of them.


So there you go.  I have caught you all up.  I will share my photos on here every week as well as on the facebook page. That is if you don’t mind.  ;)

Friday Photo Journal


  1. These are beautiful Kim. I'm loving your P52 and always love seeing your images.

    Thanks for linking up today! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Lovely captures, all. But especially the one of Cole - love it!

  3. Awesome shots as usual...I too am waiting on my Little Lovely's adoption...TPR is suppose to be done by April...We'll see...Praying...

  4. Beautiful shots! Kinda funny, Little Lady looks like she's getting so big, yet Cole looks so young in that shot! Love the cross too.

  5. I haven't visited in way too long! Your pictures are stunning! Love that flower shot! It's gorgeous!

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