Monday, January 14, 2013

It’s Party Time!

Grab your red Solo cup, cause we’re having a party!!

Did you ever participate in the #photochat twitter parties?  I did and I loved them.  Well Darcy at Life with My 3 Boybarians has been so busy with her super successful photography business and Kent Weakly has been bopping all over the country doing some exciting photography work himself.  They are just a tad busy and haven’t done a twitter party for photography in a while.


So I have teamed up with the wonderful Courtney over at Click It Up a Notch to co-host a monthly twitter party.  January is going to be our first month and the party is happening this Wednesday (January 16th) at 8:30 pm CST. 

Just follow along with the hashtag #shuttertalk. We will be discussing photography, your goals for this year, and just having fun and connecting with others over a common passion. 

If you don’t follow Courtney her twitter name is @ClickItUpANotch. Since starting my new business I changed my twitter name from momtriedit over to @ShutterbagUSA. So if you were following me, you still are. If you don’t follow me, I would love to connect on twitter.

By the way a HUGE shout out to the fabulous Molly Mason of MollyMason Photography and Graphic Design for creating this graphic.  She rocks and if you need any design work, I highly recommend her!


  1. Sound like fun! I tend to get lost at twitter parties, lol. But I plan to be there.

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