Monday, August 6, 2012

Box Tops for Education–Walmart Gift Card

My son starts school NEXT WEEK!  I cannot believe the summer has flown by so quickly.  School means up early, lunches to pack, homework to do, strict bedtimes, and snacks.  Oh, the snacks.  My children become bottomless pits. 

I know almost all schools try to encourage parents to save the coupons for Box Tops for Education.  I always keep mine in a cleaned out pickle jar.  It may not look like much, but there are a ton in there.


I want to make sure my kids that pizza party.  I also want to make sure I can help out my school.  Collecting Box Tops is a great way to help out your school without costing you a dime.  If the box tops are already on the food you buy, then it is perfect. 


They are on my husband’s favorite cereal.


They are on the kids’ favorite after school snacks.

Walmart (one of my favorite stores) is also running a promotion right now in which many of these products will have extra box tops.  Yippee! 

You can learn more about the Box Tops for Education program and about eBox Tops at


So would you like a $25 Walmart gift card to buy school supplies, snacks, or school clothes? 

Fill out this form below.  The information only goes to a spreadsheet accessible only by me.  It is just to be able to number and find a winner easily (also keeps your information private and off of here).

Disclosure: General Mills and Walmart provided me with the free information and gift packs through MyBlogSpark.  Walmart is a store I always go to long before this post, so my participation in this campaign has nothing to do with my endorsement or feelings about Walmart. {Sheesh the stuff you have to say on your own blog.}


  1. I tend to buy stuff because of the Box Top also, especially if it is cheaper than a competitor that doesn't have a BT! :) Those little puppies add up!

  2. Well, we don't have that here, but what a wonderful idea.

  3. I collect them even though we homeschool. I give them to my neighbor who's a 3rd grade teacher. Schools are so strapped, why shouldn't some school benefit, right?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I've started collecting them even though my kid is a few years from being school-aged; I figure I'll just drop them off at the elementary school down the street--every little bit helps, right?

  5. I started out strong last year doing this for our school but keep forgetting maybe if I make something so I can see it & remember that will help! Thanks for sharing!

  6. We collect box tops for our school as well. I'm on the PTO board for both my girls schools. I've done a lot of clipping and counting over the years!! :D Thanks for the chance to win!!

  7. I used to collect these all the time before we decided to homeschool. Great program & cool giveaway my friend!

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