Friday, July 6, 2012


I am having some serious withdrawals from my camera the past few days.  If you didn’t already read it earlier this week, my camera gear got stolen.  I have insurance so it isn’t a total catastrophe, but it still stinks to be without it until all the red tape can be cleared. 

If you have ever thought of joining in, please do.  I really need too see some photos this week.  Let me live vicariously through you.  Please *begging shamelessly*

I had a wonderful time going through last week’s submissions.  It was really, really hard time narrowing it down.  I mean a really hard time.  So here are this week’s top three…

David R Wetzel Photography

david wetzelI really love the composition of this photo.  The lines, the forms, and the interest it provokes.  You just want to lean in to get a closer look.  Beautiful!


A Country Girl’s Ramblings

country girlOoooo.  If you know me you know I am a huge sucker for macro.  I love the boldness of this shot.  Very pretty.

Here is your button for the Top 3!

This week’s winner is:

Picking Poppies

picking poppiesOh my goodness!  This looks just like a painting.  The composition, the tones, the texture, and pretty much everything makes this shot simply amazing!!

Congratulations Kim!  Here is your button:


Now onto this week!  I really am looking forward to seeing what you are shooting. 

Here are the guidelines:

1. Photos can be anything, there is never a theme. Even though the name is shoot, edit, submit you do not have to edit the photo.  It can be SOOC (straight out of the camera). No theme, no real rules for type of photos.

2. Photo must be taken in the past week - I want you to get out with your camera!

3. Only one entry per person, please.

4. "Shoot. Edit. Submit." button or a link back to this contest must be on your post in order for it to qualify.

5. Link only to your blog post not your main blog URL. That makes it so much easier for everyone to find your photo.

(If you submit a photo you are granting me permission to copy and paste it onto our blogs if you win.)


  1. Brilliant selection as usualy. I think the standard here on Shoot. Edit Submit is very high. I hope you get your camera sorted soon. I would be lost without mine.


  2. Beautiful top 3. I can't imagine getting my gear stolen. I would be interested to know about your insurance. I have never looked into that.

  3. Love seeing all the beautiful entries each week. Very inspiring!!

    So sorry about your camera. Grrrr. Hope you get it sorted out soon with the insurance co. In the mean time...instagram! ;)

  4. I'm still so sick about your camera. Would love to know what ins company you use. Mine is covered under my home policy (since I am not a professional yet) but that only covers if something happens at the house. If I drop something- that's all my responsibility. If we are out- something would have to happen to it in the car for it to be covered. So.....obviously I am looking for more. I'm just so devastated by this news of your camera. Leaves a pit in my stomach. Wish I could do something to help Kim. HUGS!!!

  5. Oh thank you Kim, for choosing my photo!! I still can't believe they had the guts to steal it with you there...any idea how long before you can replace it?

  6. sorry about your cam. it´s a chance to get a new may be better one :) great shots!

  7. Awe, I hope you a new camera finds you soon. Love Picking Poppies coastal photography - so dreamy

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your camera. I know your pain, though. My camera gear was stolen a few years back and I did not have an insurance... It was horrible.
    Just hang in there!!!

  9. Your pick of the week is sensational. Thanks for the time you put into this link up - especially under your camera-less circumstances. I really hope you get your replacements soon.

  10. oh that is just horrible! how awful for someone to do that to you!

  11. Sorry about your camera gear. That sucks. Glad it was insured!

  12. Thank you! I'm super happy to see my shot in the top three! The photographers in this group are so talented....makes my heart leap to see my photo chosen! :)

    Sorry to hear about you camera gear... I think all of us photographers can definitely feel for you on this one.

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