Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ThisLife: It May Save Your Summer

Summer is going strong here.  The kids are out of school.  Pools are open. Vacations are planned.  You had better believe pictures will be taken.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to snapshots and preserving my family’s memories I will take a lot of photos.  I have fun and enjoy it.  I really enjoy looking back at the photos. 

That is why I am reminding you about ThisLife.  It is an awesome personal library for your photos.  They store your photos like you have never seen before. 


Here are some of the cool things ThisLife does:

  • Organize by person, place, and/or activity.  That is right.  If you are looking for a photo of Sally from a soccer tournament in St. Louis, but you can’t remember when that tournament happened.  Doesn’t matter.  Search for Sally, St. Louis, and/or playing soccer.  Any one of those will help you find the photo you are looking for.
  • Facial recognition.  You mean your life isn’t like NCIS?  You don’t have an Abby in your house to run facial recognition software for you?  Neither do I.  But I do have ThisLife.  ;) 
  • Duplicate detection.  You will get notified if photos are duplicates of ones you have already uploaded.  How handy is that?
  • Photo count.  As I shared above, you will have facial recognition and the ability to sort by person.  You also have a tally of how many photos are stored that contain that person, that place, or that activity.  So cool.
  • Connect everything.  You can import from your desktop, your laptop, your phone, your iPad, social networking sites (like facebook and twitter), and even the newer cameras that are equipped with wifi.
  • Shared account.  Let’s say your husband doesn’t take many photos of the kids with the camera, but snaps away on his phone.  You don’t have to lose the ability to share from your phone either.  Add your hubby (or mom, BFF, etc) to your account and be able to upload onto the same account and organize your photos as one.
  • Brag anywhere. There is an app for that.  Download the app for iPhone or iPad and be able to share your photos form your account anywhere.  Ah, instant brag book.
  • Back up and peace of mind.  Your photos are stored in a cloud.  Hard drive failure, fire, toddler with your open water container, it doesn’t matter.  Your photos are stored and safe.  Period.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Sign up now for the free beta version.  Don’t let your summer photos get clumped together in some large file.  Put them where they will be organized and stored safely.  These are not just photos, they are memories.  Preserve them.


In case you are wondering this is NOT a sponsored post.  I really do like ThisLife and think that you will too.  I am sharing because friends share great ideas with other friends. No other reason.  :)


  1. This really does sound like a good idea. I have an external HD but no online storage other than the cloud through apple. But only my iPhone photos are on that.

    Hope you are enjoying summertime with the kiddos! It's getting hot here. Close to 100 this week. Ugh. But I'll take it over winter any day.

    And guess what? I finally have the giveaway post written (jaw dropping, I know). It'll go up tomorrow ;)

  2. Sounds great Kim. I started using Shutterfly as free storage but I don't think I can download these images to print/use/re-edit them myself elsewhere. Can you do that with ThisLife?

  3. @Pieces of Sunshine Yes! You can download your images at any time, and we (ThisLife) are about to launch publishing choices (prints, books, and digital publishing). If you have any questions (or if ANYONE does!) please email me directly! I'm happy to answer questions big and small. nicole@thislife.com or help@thislife.com Thanks so much!

  4. I was wondering that too. Can you download them easily after you have uploaded them? It sounds amazing!



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