Friday, June 29, 2012

School’s Out for Summer

Is anyone else now singing that song in their head? 

This week’s theme over at Kent Weakley’s blog for P52 is School’s Out.  Now I thought this theme was for last week, so I had to redo a shot. 

With temps over 100 this week, we have been staying indoors.  My bigger kids (5 and 3 years old) do a good job of coming up with games to play and suggestions for us all to play together.  Little Lady isn’t two yet, so she is a little trickier, especially when big brother and big sister don’t feel like playing with her. 


So we play peek-a-boo and where is Little Lady hiding?  She likes to stand in the middle of the room and cover her eyes.  Then she uncovers her face and lets out a giant roar.  She giggles so infectiously when you jump and pretend to be startled.

I am very happy school is out and my kids are having fun playing with their mom.  Smile

I am also sharing this at Blissfully Domestic’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge for the theme of Fun/Playtime.  I love it when two challenges coordinate like that.  Makes it easier for slackers like me. 

Project 52 - p52 weekly photo challenge with Kent Weakley


  1. Oh I love this picture of Little Lady, I think it's the first photo where we can see some of her face (for obvious reasons...)! She is gorgeous and I hope you have the best summer together with your older two.


  2. Adorable peek-a-boo shot! The best thing about summer really is playing!

  3. Yes, now's it stuck in my head, and I'm thinking of the movie "The Faculty," which was filmed here in Austin and used some of those shots.

  4. A simply Brilliant shot, definitely one for the wall.

  5. Great shot- it really captures an adorable age!

  6. Sounds like your summer is going very well so far with everyone playing together. What fun! :)

  7. Yes, the heat can be horrible! My little one gets over heated and flushed pretty quickly on hot days so I don't like to be out unless we are in water. Love that peek-a-boo shot! What a cutie! I play this a lot with Alivia. She cracks up every time!

  8. Great activity for indoor play. Great photo.

  9. Oh look, we can almost see her beautiful face! Way cute shot. Yes, we are stuck inside here too. I think it's like 120 degrees out.....kidding, it just feels that way! And yes, I'm working in full uniform in this heat! Ugh.

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