Friday, June 22, 2012

Living out in the Boonies

I pretty much grew up in the suburbs.  I lived in a (then) small suburb of Austin.  We lived in a subdivision.  Your neighbor was right there next to you, but not nearly as closely as the new subdivisions are nowadays.  I think it is because houses have to be so much bigger now.  We had the city conveniences.

Now I live in a rural area.  Not way out in the woods all alone, but there are about 6 houses on my road and it isn’t a through street.  The city or the county does not own our road.  We, the homeowners do.  We each own the section of road in front of our houses.  We all have a couple of acres of land, at least. 

When it snows and the road needs to be plowed, we all pay for it (good thing we have family with tractors and snow removal equipment).  There is no city or county truck to come.  They plow the main road that our road comes off of.

I live 5 miles from a state park full of beautiful trees and gorgeous rock formations, and cliffs.  That state park is part of a national forest, too. 

We live about 5 miles from our small town.  We have some good stores (like Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Macy’s) and a few major restaurants, but nothing like the options of a metropolitan area. 

My house has a septic tank for plumbing.  We do not have natural gas lines that run to our house.  The cable company doesn’t even come here.  I know what your thinking gasp! But don’t worry, we have satellite.  There are many people that can go without tv shows and I am sure I could do it if I had to.  But the good news is that I don’t have to.

There are a few satellite options out there and it is hard to keep up with which one has the best deals.  I used to see the best deal of the day for a week or so and nabbed myself a good deal. 

As much as I complain about my lack of options here compared to a large city.  This place has definitely become home and I love my surroundings.  I just need to get out and photograph more of it.  There has to be at least a hundred barns just in my town.  I only have photos of five of them.

I need to get out and use that wide angel lens I simply love so much (Sigma 10-20mm).  Oh, and do some more HDR photo sessions.  I haven’t done that in a while and I am feeling the itch.  *scratching uncontrollably*


  1. Sounds almost like what we're moving to this weekend! We'll be 25 miles from a kroger (and anything else for that matter) and there is no cable going to the house. We're going to go with a cell phone company for internet and we'll be TVless. But we've been TVless for two years now, so it's not a big deal to me. Though, now with the smaller data allowance for my computer, I'll miss my HULU. So, I was without TV, but not really :) We'll have cows as our neighbor and an outhouse down the path - but thank goodness we have indoor plumbing and electricity!

  2. kim,
    ok, seriously you grew up in a suburb of Austin????? me too. Round Rock. i graduated in 92. it has exploded since.

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