Friday, June 1, 2012

Edit Me Challenge: Week 22

I really enjoy participating in this challenge.  It is so much fun to take someone else’s photo and put your spin to it.  You can stay true to your style or just go crazy and experiment a little.  

Here is the original photo shared by The Stiles Files.


So I put a little spin on it through Photoshop and this is what I came up with.   I think it is still missing something, but I couldn’t really come up with anything else.  I left it pretty simple.  I would love to see this in an HDR shot, though.  Ooooo.


Here is what I did in Photoshop:

  • Got rid of the power lines
  • Enhanced the sky by using a duplicate layer in multiply blend mode at 40% opacity. Using a layer mask to show only the sky.
  • Gave some pop to the barn by duplicating a layer in softlight blend mode at 30% opacity with a layer mask to show only the barn.
  • Dodge and burned.
  • Added a peachy color haze (at 11% opacity) over the photo to soften the harsh tones of the barn and lighten things up a bit.
  • Added some contrast using a levels adjustment layer.
  • Sharpened with an unsharp mask filter.

That is it.  It only took me a few minutes to do everything, but the getting rid of the power lines did take a few extra minutes to make sure it looked decent.

You should really join in and have fun editing.  Smile

Edit Me


  1. Love what you did with the sky. I must learn these photoshop tricks.

  2. Simple, but gorgeous! Lovely edit!!

  3. Oh this is lovely, I like the colour of it, splendid!!

  4. Nice, pretty edit! Your dodging and burning looks great and love the sky!

  5. Nice edit! Love it and I love your blog!


  6. Nice work - I think it looks pretty cool :-)

  7. Love how you brightened and brought out more detail - especially in the sky!

  8. Great edit. I really love the interest you added to the sky.

  9. I really like how you have edited this Kim, much warmer and those power lines needed to go.

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