Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Online Workshop for Photoshop and PSE

Have you ever spent hours on Photoshop or PSE (Photoshop Elements) trying different actions hoping for a specific result?  You run an action, then adjust levels hoping to tweak it how you want it to look and still it isn't quite what you were wanting.  It is like throwing darts blindfolded hoping to hit a bulls eye.

Have you ever thought of taking a workshop or mentoring session, but got floored by the amount they charged?  Some of those prices are "new lens" prices!  Yes, I gauge things by the cost of photography equipment.  I know I need help.  ;)

Books don't quite do it because you are too busy reading, then looking up at your screen.  Not to mention they are usually written by an expert that doesn't use any terminology you are familiar with.  Online tutorials and videos are great, but you only get sections of the process.

So how are you supposed to learn Photoshop?

Well, I would like to suggest you spend some time with me.  :)  I am doing online workshops that will help you understand Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) in simple terms.  That is how I have to learn it and process it, simply.

What You Get

If you decide to take my workshop you will simply purchase it below by selecting the date you would like.  I will email you within 24 hours to confirm your registration and thank you for joining me.  Then the day before the workshop I will email you a reminder (because it is easy to forget things sometimes, I know that).  A few minutes before the workshop begins you will be emailed a link to join me.

During the workshop you will see my screen as I go through editing steps.  You will get to watch everything step by step.  You will also hear me talk (oh poor you) as I explain things.  You can type in any questions you would like and I will answer them.  The workshop is guaranteed to be 2 hours.  It will likely go longer depending on questions asked, but I know not everyone has hours and hours of free time.  

What is Covered

The idea behind this workshop is for you to learn the basics so you can edit your photo they way you want to.  No more crossing your fingers and hoping an action does it for you.
  • How to sharpen your images
  • How to use Dodge and Burn to make your photos pop
  • How to add custom contrast
  • How to brighten and adjust exposure
  • How to use layers to make your images the best they can be
  • How to convert to black and white
  • How to add textures and manipulate the effects
  • How to adjust skin tone
  • How to optimize for internet
  • Plus much more 
In other words you are learning steps on how to accomplish a  specific task, but also how to put it all together into a workflow for editing images.

See how to go from this
 to this.

Or even a more subtle edit like this...

What to Expect

Do expect to have fun and shed some light on editing and taking photos.  Do expect to take LOTS of notes (I recommend engaging in the workshop alone, not trying to open Photoshop and do things right then.  You want to take notes for future reference).  Don't expect to have award winning photos after taking the class, though.  Getting photos right in camera is always the most important thing.  You just want to accent the photos with the right editing. 


  1. So AWESOME!!!!! How do you find the time? Seriously- I am in awe!

  2. Yay! You are my kind of teacher. Dishing it out straight up. I'm so excited for all of your new endeavors! You rock mama ;)

  3. This is such a fantastic idea. I wish I could take it right now, but perhaps if you offer it again in the future. Good luck Kim!

  4. Looking for time. So need that. Thanks.

  5. Are these live workshops?

  6. Are these live workshops?

    1. Yes, they are live. You will be able to type in questions during the workshop.
      I am researching possibilities to offer a recorded version of the workshop, but it is not available at the moment.

    2. You can record if you use that one that I shared with you. ;) Just shared this on ThisLife! xo

  7. sounds great!!! DO you send out any slides after (with notes and such) for those of us whose brains don't function well later at night :)

    1. My goal is to be able to offer a recording of the workshop, but not guaranteeing it right now. I want to make sure that I have done it, tested it, and worked out kinks before I offer it. I know I wouldn't want to be promised something and it not work. I will definitely keep everyone updated. :)

  8. wow!!! online courses!!! good on you!!! please come live here so we can do this together :)

  9. Will you cover how to merge two or more photos?

    1. Yes, I will cover how to merge multiple photos using layer masks. I do not cover how to stitch multiple photos together into a panoramic, though.

  10. Hello!! I came over from Stephanie and Bransons' site "Edit Me Challenge" and I was the winner for the giveaway that offered your online course. I'm not sure what I need to do to claim the prize though.

    My email address is

    I look forward to hearing from you....and thank you for offering such a wonderful and unique prize!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing the photoshop info here. Keep up the good work. All the best.



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