Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Edit Me Challenge #20

Well I am joining in the Edit Me Challenge again.  It is fun to play around with another person’s photo.  You don’t have preconceived ideas about how it was supposed to look when you were taking it.  You just get to see it and change it however you want. 

I never think of it as a “fix this photo” or anything like that.  Just put your twist or style to someone’s photo.  You are only limited by your imagination. 

You should really join in and have fun.  Another reason you should join in is because I am giving away a seat to my workshop to one of the participants!  I know you are excited, don’t try to hide it.  Smile with tongue out

Here is the original photo shared over at Edit Me Challenge.


Here is my edit.


What I did:

  • Opened it with Adobe Camera Raw
  • Darkened shadows to –35
  • Darkened highlights to –27
  • Adjusted the temp to warm it up
  • Recovered some highlights

In Photoshop:

  • Cloned out the background to make it really smooth
  • Clone part of the bench leg to make it have a straight leg
  • Dodged and burned here and there
  • Added a texture in softlight blend mode at 22% opacity with layer mask over cat at 45% brush opacity.
  • Converted to black and white
  • Bumped the contrast up a tad
  • Added a duplicate layer in multiply blend mode to make the custom vignette. You can find out how to do a custom vignette here.
  • Sharpened/optimized and saved for web.

So the original photographer may hate it, but it is what I did as I felt it.  Looking at it now I would like to re-edit it, but I think that about every single one of my shots.  I am never ever completely happy.  Are you like that too?

Edit Me


  1. Yes! I am sooo like that. I always have to tell myself, "walk away from the computer." LOL Beautiful black and white. I loved that you cloned out some of the distractions.

  2. I think you did wonderfully. I totally agree with your thoughts on other's editing... I'm always amazed at other's creativity and wonder (why didn't I think of that?)

    And thanks for fixing that leg on the bench... it's been wobbly for ages! Lol.

  3. Yes, If I go back I will edit it more. I rarely think is it perfect. I love what you did with the edit. I really like what you did with the background. You really brought the cat into focus.

  4. The blurring of the background was a great idea, it really works! Excellent edit!

  5. I really love the black and white with the blurred background! And I want to win the workshop haha.

  6. Well done.
    It certainly is fun processing someone else's photo

  7. Nicely done. Very clean edit. I like it!

  8. Hi, Kim! I'm shopping around for my first editing software purchase and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on Lightroom? Just curious if you use it too.... Thanks!

  9. Girl you are good! That edit is fabulous. Great choice to do it in Black & White too! By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.

  10. Ooo, I really like how you treated the background, which puts all of the focus on the adorable feline! And I need to email you back--my pregnant brain is just all over the place these days, so feel free to remind me again if you haven't heard from me by the end of Friday. :D

  11. I'm like that too! Always feel like I could do better. That's the problem of being type A personality. :) For me anyway. Your edit turned out great, I do like the B&W conversion. Your transformation is lovely.



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