Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Feedback: Week 9

So apparently I stink at hosting things.  I have been so slammed and thrown off by the extra long holiday weekend that I didn't even realize yesterday was Monday.  Lovely, I know.  A wonderful new person asked me on facebook when Photo Feedback was going live.  I thought, "Um, It's Monday?" 

So without any further rambling by me here is Photo Feedback a day late.  :/  Good thing there are not that many people participating in this (yet at least, right?)

Taken with my Canon 7D and Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.  Aperture: f/2.5, shutter speed: 1/640, ISO: 160.  Sunny morning at 10am.  My daughter was about 4 feet from a flowering bush (I have no clue about plants).

Here are the guidelines for Photo Feedback:
  • The photo you submit must be your own.
  • The photo can be new or old, edited or SOOC, never a theme to adhere to.
  • When leaving feedback be sure to say something you like about the photo along with something you would suggest to improve the photo.
  • If you join in, please visit a couple of other participants too.  They want feedback just like you do. 
  • Please link back in your post with text or grab the button.
  • If you are going to have more than one photo in your blog post, please specify which photo you want critiqued.
The link up is live from Mondays Tuesday this week (12:01 am) through Fridays (11:59 pm) CST.  So you have lots of time to join us.
*The code for the blog hop is at the very bottom. This is a Blog Hop! That means the link up will show up in your blog too and your readers can join in without having to leave your page.
I am really looking forward to reading your feedback.  Thank you for helping me get better.  I am learning so much from you!


  1. There was a comment on here about the photo being fuzzy. I don't know where the comment went, though. It is definitely a little fuzzy. I used my back button focus, had to grab my toddler with one arm and then took the shot. The focus is now on her bangs (they are nice and sharp) but her face is now out of focus. The hazards of shooting at f/2.5 and with multiple children by yourself. lol

  2. Great composition, beautiful colors and contrast! I don't have any real feedback here, but I'd love to see it in black & white.

    1. I didn't think about a black and white. I don't think it is a strong enough to be able to stand up to black and white conversion. But now I am going to try. ;) I need to try to get some cute shots of my kids for new enlargements on the wall. But they are in serious burnout mode right now. lol

  3. Great shot - and you're daughter is so cute!! Lovely light and depth of field. You are right, it is a bit fuzzy, maybe you could still fix it, sharpen at least the eyes a bit in Photoshop? Lucky you for knowing how to use the back button focus. I've have that yet to learn...

    Unfortunately I have to skip this week's Photo Feedback, our family's Easter was spent with a stomach flu, and I'm just getting back to normal life...

  4. Sorry I'm late getting here. It's been a crazy busy week ;)

    I love her sweet, adorable face and those kissable cheeks and gorgeous eyes! I think it's a fantastic photo and I TOTALLY know what you mean about shooting in motion. Her eyes are a little soft, but it's not really noticeable until enlarged. I love the composition and the pretty light. I don't know what you could do to improve it much. I bet it would make a lovely black and white if you added a little contrast.

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