Saturday, March 31, 2012

Voting for March Overall Winner

This month is over, can you believe it?!?  It is time to vote for the overall winner for the month of March.
But before we get to the voting I want to share with you our awesome sponsor this month.  Mod Straps has generously offered a $20 store credit to the winner of this month's vote.  Yippee!!  Mod Straps has a wide variety of beautiful straps that will represent your personality perfectly.

Are you into accessorizing?   Well then I have a special treat for you.  Mod Straps offers accessories that match the camera straps.  So now not only will you be rocking your own style, but you will look very put together as well.  :)  Below shows their camera drop pouch, accessory bags, and the Strap Wrap along with the camera strap.

If you are not one of our finalists, I strongly encourage you to head over to Mod Straps and take a look around.  They have some really cool stuff.
P.S. Check out the Strap Wraps.  Too cool!

The competition is stiff, too.  These are some amazingly beautiful shots.

Click below to vote for your favorite photo and give that photographer our prize along with an ad on both of our blogs in the side bar for the entire month of April.  
Voting closes  Tuesday April 3rd at midnight PST.


  1. That was a hard one. I was debating between the black and white building and the father/son flying a kite. I have to say I think it may have been the watermark that influenced me away from the kite one. :( I know the importance of a watermark, and I use them too, but it kinda hurt this picture with that big watermark. I don't think it should be left off, but maybe, in this case, the opacity dropped a bit. I still REALLY love that kite picture though.

  2. This was hard, but really one stood out to me the most so I voted! Can't wait to see who wins. It was interesting to see the results and what everyone else was voting for!

  3. All of these are very nice but my vote goes to Danelle. I've seen her photo before and I still think that's a very beautiful photo. :)



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