Monday, March 26, 2012

Shopping in the U.K.

I know many of you all are in the United States, but I have a rather large percentage of you that are international.  I love seeing all of the cool places my blog goes, even if it is without me (sniff, sniff). 

Well this information is really geared more towards my international friends.  There is a website called Appliances Online and it is based in the U.K.  They have a wide selection of every kind of major appliance you could think of. 

I will admit that most kitchens overseas are not some huge dream kitchen, but they usually are filled with their own charm and style.  I imagine a small little English cottage in the countryside with a wood burning stove.  It sound so cute.  But my style is more a London loft with a sleek gas cooker.  Oh, I am getting waaaay off topic, now.

gas cooker

So if you live internationally and you are looking for an appliance, check them out.

If you are wondering why in the world I am writing about this, it is because I have made a new friend.  I thought about mentioning him in a post, but then I thought a post of his very own would probably be a little better.  :)  He is a cute little guy named the Fairy Hobmother

You guys know I love sharing information from friends and helping out by spreading the word.  So I wanted to help my new friend get his name out more and his business some extra attention. 

*Disclosure: I did receive a small gift card for sharing this information.  But I honestly would have probably done it without it.  :)



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