Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Feedback: Week 4

It’s Monday already?  That weekend flew by.  Well here we are with another edition of Photo Feedback.  I hope you decide to join in this week.  It isn’t as scary as it may seem.  I have already learned a lot from the critiques given to me and by critiquing others.

I started Photo Feedback because the blogging world is a wonderful place.  You receive wonderful comments like “Great shot!”.  Those comments are a blessing to receive and help to encourage you.  But there becomes a time when you need a little more to grow as a photographer.  Getting to see your photo through someone else’s eyes is a huge help.  

Here is my photo.  I took this one a little over a month ago for my friend’s website.  The idea of this shot was to focus on the headband (it is the product she is trying to sell).  I don’t do many product shots, because I am not good at them.  I am not good at them because I don’t practice them.  I don’t practice them because I am uncomfortable with product shots.  You get where I am going here?  So I am putting myself out there to get better. 

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Shot with my 7D and Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.  Aperture 2.0.  Shutter speed 1/3200.  ISO 200.   White Balance 7300.  Overcast morning (9-10 am).

Now for the fun! Leave me your feedback and maybe (just maybe) link up a photo of your own. 

You do not have to join in to critique my photo.  I want to learn from your feedback, so please feel free to let me know. 

Mom Tried It

Here are the guidelines for Photo Feedback:

  • The photo you submit must be your own.
  • The photo can be new or old, edited or SOOC, never a theme to adhere to.
  • When leaving feedback be sure to say something you like about the photo along with something you would suggest to improve the photo.
  • If you join in, please visit a couple of other participants too.  They want feedback just like you do. 
  • Please link back in your post with text or grab the button.
  • Only ONE photo per blog post, please.  This way we know without a doubt which photo to critique.

The link up is live from Mondays (12:01 am) through Fridays (11:59 pm) CST.  So you have lots of time to join us.

*The code for the blog hop is at the very bottom.


  1. Beautiful photo! I love that the focus is on her hair and I love the bokeh.

    I honestly can't think of anything you can do to make this better. It's just great!

  2. Lovely!!! I really like the rich colors, and the depth of field is beautiful. Great angle too!

    What if you tried cropping this differently - cropping some of the hair away from the top, so that the flower of the headband would be on the upper right corner? Now that the flower is in the middle, it doesn't follow the 'rule of thirds' (although rules are made for breaking them...). Anyway, it might be more interesting this way - and I wouldn't mind seeing more of the girl's dress, it's so pretty with the depth of field (more interesting than the upper part with the hair). If you're afraid that the product won't stand out, you could just sharpen it a bit (although I'm sure it will still stand out...). I'm probably just an over-sharpener, as you can see from my this week's photo... :-)

    By the way, I can recomment these headbands from personal experience, since I won one of these for my Shoot-Edit-Submit Photo of the month -win! :-) Your friend is very talented. And in case you're the who took all her product shots, you're talented too :-)

  3. Very pretty! I like the DOF you selected and the colors are warm and pretty. Her skin looks lovely. Nice job! The only thing I see is that the part of her face around her nose looks a little distorted. I do like the bokeh, but I think it might look a little better from a slightly different angle. If her head were angled back just a bit, or your camera was angled to shoot from a little lower toward her face then I think her nose and lips would blend in a more natural way and be less distracting.

    Good for you for stretching yourself! It's not easy, but that's when we learn the most. I think the product in this shot looks fabulous and you did a great job capturing it as it would be used by the buyer. The little model is very pretty and your use of color and light makes her look just dreamy. Nice work! ;)

    We were out of town all weekend and I'm soooo behind, but I'll get my entry up sometime today ;)

  4. The headband is adorable. I do agree with Serendipity that the bokeh on her face doesn't look quite right. I know you can't show little miss's face, so I would suggest taking the shot from another angle or using a prop for the headband in stead of an actual child's head. Her hair covers up most of the band. At first, I thought it was a barrette. Just my two cents! :-)

  5. I love the detail of her curls. I think I would've wanted her face a little sharper though b/c the bokeh doesn't look quite right on a face to me--I've only seen it as background. But I do like the angle and the details of her hair and the headband.

  6. So sweet! Great bokeh and focus. Love her curls. To me it's a little too warm, and i prefer warm than a cooler photo, but I think if the color was just a tad cooler, just my preference.

  7. Okay- I'm struggling with what I would change- because the obvious things like having more of her face slightly more in focus is something I know was quite purposeful because of the situation with her. I really love the colors & the focus on those curls. If she were older & could sit still for longer I would have probably come in closer or maybe had the angle down more- showing just her forehead & the headband with her luscious curls in the background. My goodness I am in love with those curls. Thing is- I sort of feel silly saying all this because I know you know these things better than I do & you composed this shot this way for specific reasons. So really- with that in mind, I wouldn't change anything.

  8. Yes, I love the approach emphasizing the brooch and the beautiful texture of hair, but I am disappointed to enjoy the girl's face. Greetings.

  9. I don't know anything about photography and I don't know when I will have time to make shots better, but personally, I love the shot. And the curly hair around it

  10. The colors are great! I love how they contrast with her hair. I might have tried to take the picture in a landscape orientation. It would have captured her face a little differently, while still focusing on the headband. Regardless, it's great!

  11. What a fun way to stretch your photography skills by doing product photos. You did a great job of showing the hair band. The detail is great and the color and texture of the curls is perfect. The angle is weird on her nose. I might try to crop that out... and maybe lose some of the hair on top to put more focus on the hairband. One final note. You have a few curls of hair over the top of the hairband. I like it for a normal photo, but for a product photo, I would want to see only the product. Great job!



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