Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo Feedback: Week 3

I am really enjoying doing this link up.  I hope as time goes by those of you reading will become more brave and join in.  You are already sharing your photos online as it is.  I don’t know if you are worried about mean comments, but we would not do that.  And those that would do that are not going to wait for you to ask for feedback.  They are going to do it no matter what. 

I have already used some feedback when I was composing a shot last week.  I used another piece when I was editing.  I am definitely learning and growing, so thank you.

So here we go.  I took this photo yesterday in the backyard at about 2 pm.  The sun was shining brightly and the harsh shadow shows it.

IMG_3824 wtrmk

Shot with my Canon 28-135 mm at 117 mm focal length.  I was .6 meters from the subject.  I did have my macro attachments on (+1 and +2 at the same time).  Aperture f/5.6, shutter speed 1/3200, ISO 200. 

Just to share this is my SOOC (only editing that was done was to convert from RAW file to JPEG).


First I cropped the image, then I sharpened, added contrast, ran Pinoeer Woman’s Boost action at 60% opacity.  I added Kim Klassen’s texture Branded in soft light blend mode at 60% opacity.  I flattened my image.  I then made a duplicate layer and did some dodging and burning to liven up the texture a bit more.  I adjusted that payer opacity to 70%. 


Now for the fun! Leave me your feedback and maybe (just maybe) link up a photo of your own. 

You do not have to join in to critique my photo.  I want to learn from your feedback, so please feel free to let me know. 

The code is listed below in case you want to post the link up in your post, too.  This makes it easier for others to participate and spreads the word quicker.  This is not about people coming back to me to participate, it is about helping each other.  Oh, it is not required to use the code in your post, though.

Mom Tried It

Here are the guidelines for Photo Feedback:

  • The photo you submit must be your own.
  • The photo can be new or old, edited or SOOC, never a theme to adhere to.
  • When leaving feedback be sure to say something you like about the photo along with something you would suggest to improve the photo.
  • If you join in, please visit a couple of other participants too.  They want feedback just like you do. 
  • Please link back in your post with text or grab the button.
  • Only ONE photo per blog post, please.  This way we know without a doubt which photo to critique.

The link up is live from Mondays (12:01 am) through Fridays (11:59 pm) CST.  So you have lots of time to join us.

*The code for the blog hop is at the very bottom.


  1. You are making it very hard to find anything to improve... :-)
    So I'll start with why I like the image. The composition is of course perfect, text-book "rule of thirds"! I also like the warm tone you added in editing. The surface of the wood is very interesting with all the scratches, so in general I think it's a beautiful shot!
    I honestly cannot come up with much to improve.. - Maybe you could try to sharpen the vertical branch even a bit more, to make it a more obvious focal point? It is such an interesting shape, with all the little details, maybe it could stand out just a bit more from the background..?

  2. I love the warm tones in your edit. And I like the way the vine and your composition pull my eye from the bottom up through the image. Also, I find the textures very interesting. I'm not sure what to offer for improvement. I am drawn to the fingerlike appendages on the vine and wonder if it could be sharpened just a tad to show more detail there. I'm also curious about shooting this from different angles and wonder if you tried that. But as it is, I really like this shot and feel like I could sit and stare at it for quite a while...I find it relaxing ;) Nice work!

  3. Love the texture of the photo, and how you made the colors richer. I think I would have straightened it just a bit, rotating the photo clockwise (um... I think clockwise... I don't even know my left from my right most of the time sooo...). I do love your crop in to really simplify the image. Interesting photo for sure!

  4. I LOVE the subject. The little feet of the vine climbing the tree is otherworldly and very beautifully captured. An interesting photo that's hard to improve upon.
    The only thing I see is the ratio that's lost in the crop... but, that's probably subjective. It's bordering on square and I think a wider shot is called for here. Or maybe even taller, but, not wide to see the length of the vine.
    Otherwise, I love your processing and the rich tones that emerged. It's really beautiful.

  5. I love the texture of the photo, and the colors are remarkable. Something isn't right about the cropping... can I say that. EKKK. This is nerve racking!

  6. I really love the texture in your photo! I guess that I would have to agree with Chelsea, something about the cropping is off. Maybe if you would have cropped it a bit wider...



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