Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Crafts

I know that I have shared before that I contribute articles for a few places.  Some of you might not know that this blog started out as a kids activities and craft blog.  You can find them under the side bar category “Crafts and Activities” if you are interested.

Well, twice a month you can find me over at No Time for Flash Cards.  You can also find my once a month over at Blissfully Domestic and at Everything Mom.  No Time for Flash Cards is a fantastic resource for ideas and activities to do with young children.  I just adore the owner, Allie.  The other two sites are full of wonderful articles and ideas for moms.  Beware it will suck up your entire nap time!  I swear, so be warned. 
This week two of my posts were published and I thought I would share the links with you.  The first is a fun sensory activity to make indoor snow and play with it.  My kids went nuts for this one.  My house smelled like baby oil for hours, yummy.


The other one is for people that will be getting snow.  It is a snow measuring yard stake.  We decorated ours to look like Arctic animals.  The kids chose an Arctic fox and a snow owl.  My idea was to have them help draw, but they got too into reading about the animals.  So they painted, glued, and stickered, but did not want to draw.  That happens.  :/

Owl in Ground

I hope you enjoy them and I will share my articles more often in case you guys are interested.  Because I know not everyone likes to read me go on and on about depth of field and trying to compose a shot.  ;)

I also share these on this site's facebook page and twitter.  If you would like I would love to connect with you there.  I don't do a lot of facebook updates, though.  Probably once a day.  I am a slacker, I know. 


  1. I've heard of this thing called snow, I've heard it is cold and wet.

  2. Ethan missed the snow this winter, since we didn't go home. Wait till he finds out we're going to make snow!!!!!

  3. Homemade snow? We need that. It's supposed to be 69 here on Monday!

  4. The homemade snow looks interesting, but is bubs too small? He doesn't put stuff in his mouth too often anymore, but can't ever know for sure with him, lol.



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