Monday, January 9, 2012

Photography Things to Do This Year

I know I did a post about general stuff that I am doing and ideas to maybe inspire you, but this is different.  This is all about photography stuff. 

Learn About Photography basics

Yep, even if you have been doing this for decades.  It always helps to step back and get reminded about the reasons you fell in love with it.  Kent Weakley has amazing online photography courses.  I know this because I have taken them.  This month he starts his Composition class and next month is Night Photography.  He offers then throughout the year.  He will open your eyes to neat techniques and the ins and outs of working your camera and getting the most out of your surroundings. 

If you have ever gone to his site and seen his amazing work, you would love to take his class.  The best thing is that I am pretty sure Kent understands photography is expensive enough.  He offers his courses at a very reasonable $57.  You won’t be disappointed, trust me. 

        comp   NightPhoto300x125banner


Learn off camera flash and/or how to manipulate light

The definition of photography by Britannica Concise Encyclopedia is: “Method of recording permanent images by the action of light projected by a lens in a camera onto a film or other light-sensitive material.”  So in it’s very definition you understand that light is the key component to photography.  How to utilize light is so very important.  Don’t read that as you need as much light as you can get, because I have seen stunning images with little light but it was used perfectly.

I know nothing about off camera flash.  So based on some recommendations from Improve Photography (click on the name to see his post and recommendations with links for lighting gear) I bought a new flash, the stand, umbrella, mount, and wireless trigger.  I am going to do it the old fashioned way and experiment with this one. 

I am going to share my journey with you here as I stumble through this.  So be prepared to read plenty of “oh crap, don’t do it this way” posts. 


Protect your investment!

I don’t know about you, but if I dropped my camera and it broke I would not be able to hop on a website and just buy another one.  Same goes for my lenses.  SO GET THEM INSURED!  Click It Up a Notch did a post last year about insuring your camera right after I got my Canon 7D.  I called my local insurance agent and got a policy on my camera and my lenses. 

“Oh that would cost a lot of money.” -- Nope.  You can get a policy for literally a penny on the dollar for your gear. That’s right.  Mine was an actual penny for every dollar of the value of my gear.  Oh, and no deductible. 

The best thing?  These policies even cover stupid and clumsy.  While I am not known for my grace, it doesn’t help to have three small children and two dogs running under your feet constantly.  Oh and the stupid part makes me feel good because I will do some pretty stupid things to try to get a shot.  Do you remember me belly crawling through the mud to get a shot of that frog the first week I had my camera?  Well I have done more stupid things since.

20111129_50 copy

Gina with Stylish Beach Bum offers lens bags for a fantastic price starting at only $12.  You can protect the lenses that are not on your camera.  This isn’t just a good idea for when you are carrying your lenses with you.  This is a great way to protect them period.  You need to head over and check them out, along with her other very cool stuff like camera straps and fingerless gloves.


I am no expert.  I will never pretend to be.  But I will share things I love and learn along the way.  I hope you join me this year in learning new things.  I look forward to sharing with you and you sharing with me. 


  1. I go back and forth about getting a flash and learning how to use it. I've got so much I want to learn this year too! Flash may have to wait for another year.

  2. If I get to replace my camera at some point I will definitely look into insurance this time ;)

  3. I totally need to insure my gear, especially since I am 1. very clumsy and 2. the mother of an inquisitive/destructive toddler. Did you go with an agent you already had a policy with (like homeowners or something) or did you find someone new to work with?

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I was surprised at how cheap it is too! I wish EVERYONE would insure there gear :O)

  5. Never thought about insuring my camera, but that's a great idea. It really is one of my dearest investments.

  6. WOW thanks...I never thought about insuring my stuff either...I'm on it!

  7. YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Thanks for the mention & I didn't even know one could actually insure their equipment. I want to do that. What company do you go through??



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