Saturday, January 21, 2012

Identity Theft Protection

I don’t know about you, but as a mom I am always worried that someone is going to take me child at a park or store.  It freaks me out.  I give little thought to someone stealing me.  My identity, that is.

With everything I do online and the fact that my information is on a million foster care forms that pass the hands of lots of people I really should think about it more.  And so should you. 

There is a site called that is made to help you protect yourself.  They have a free 30 day trial, too. 

I am honestly going to try the free trial and see how I like it.  I think we could all use .  Just the thought of trying to clean up the mess afterwards is enough to make me just try the free trial.  Can you even imagine the headache of dealing with credit card companies, banks, and then the credit reporting agencies?  Ugh, no thank you!

So think about protecting yourself and your family.  Yes, protecting your identity and your credit is protecting your family.  Whether you choose this company or not, you should talk with your family about ways to protect your identity.  It is an online world now, your information is out there.  Protect it. 

*This is a compensated post, but I truly believe this issue is very important.  I will be trying the free trial myself.  All opinions are my own and I would never share something with my friends I didn’t like or didn’t feel it was worth looking into. 


  1. Yeah- I think about this a lot. Yesterday my phone rang & it was someone wanting to place a phone order for a strap. HUH?? I didn't think I had my phone number listed - I know it's not on the store site. How did they find my home number- kinda scary how easily info can be found these days.



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