Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Hat Cupcakes

I love Pinterest.  I actually limit myself to only an hour a week because it can suck you in so fast.  I saw this original idea on someone else’s board.  I modified it a tad, because it seems I must always. 


Cut the green off of the strawberry.  Stick a toothpick through it so that there is a little on each end sticking out. 


Now stick the strawberry on a very lightly frosted mini cupcake.  Place a mini marshmallow on the top of the strawberry where the toothpick is sticking out.


Now take some whipped cream and make a ring around the strawberry.  Ta-da!!  You have a Santa hat! 

I made these this morning for my daughter’s preschool class and their holiday party.  That is one of the reasons the photos are a tad blah.  I had two sets of little hands “helping” me make these.  It was still easy, even with their help.  I love the healthier alternatives for decorations.  There is so much candy around as it is, plus it is super cute.

If you are not on Pinterest and would like to be, please send me an email to  I can send you an invitation.  But fair warning, it is cool.

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  1. KIM!!!!!! I saw this on pinterest today as brownies..but CUPCAKES...of course...OMG I cannot wait to make these for Sunday!!!!! They are so cute my teeth ache!!!!!! Yeah. Merry Christmas my friend love to your whole household!!!! Xoxo

  2. how super cute love your fun and easy idea

  3. What a great idea. Will have to try those next year.

  4. Way too adorable! Some of my favorite things, cupcakes and strawberries.

  5. I have some strawberries- maybe I will whip some of these up- how stinkin' cute!

  6. So cute! And healthy right? Because there's fruit in them. ;)

  7. Oh I get sucked in daily. I'm really proud of myself for actually making or cooking things I've pinned instead of just collecting more pins.

  8. Brilliant brilliant brilliant idea!

  9. LOVE IT. How long do you think the whip cream will last (transportation time) before it starts to melt?

  10. Drop dead adorable!!! I had to laugh at your comment about "modifying". I find myself doing to same thing all the time. Like minds I suppose. Take care, Patricia

  11. Brilliant idea. but... i have learn a cool trick from one of the wonderful websites - an alternative to toothpicks - they use spagetti! that way it is not as 'dangerous' and our daughter eats the spagetti stick. our school would not allow the toothpick in the cupcake... Going to try this strawberry cupcake this weekend. thank you! Mandy

  12. How do people eat them with toothpicks in? How do they even know they are there?

  13. Is there issues with people eating them with the toothpicks? How did you add the cool whip? Pastry bag? They look great.

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