Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Bokeh and a First

As usual, I am a little late joining up to a linky.  Hey, at least I am joining.  I have all of these challenges and link ups I want to join, but they just don’t make it on the web by the end of the day.

Last week I took some shots of friends and family for Christmas time.  I took some shots of my cousin’s (technically my husband’s cousin, but who cares) children.  She just had a new baby.  So you guessed it, I did my first newborn shoot!  I left their house feeling discouraged because I didn’t think I got many good shots.  At that point I was hoping for decent.  But, I think most of them turned out pretty good (could just be that my expectations were incredibly low).

Here is a shot of her daughter that I am joining in for Life with My 3 Boybarians Holiday Bokeh party.  I got her laughing and she crinkled up her nose.  It was so cute!



Those of you wondering what in the world is bokeh, it is the pretty out of focus stuff in the picture.  It can be in the front of or behind the focal point.  Some pictures use bokeh on the entire image.

Now here is a newborn shot.


Oh, and another one.


You can’t do a newborn shoot without some crying (I held mine in, thank you very much).


Now one of my absolute favorites.


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  1. Oh I think they are great photos! I love the sibling shot - their t-shirts are so cool.

    And thanks for teaching me the meaning of the word bokeh... It's not a martial arts form like I thought :P

  2. Oh my, these photos are just too sweet! You really managed to capture some great ones!

  3. Love, love, love! You did an amazing job :)

  4. Oh what a cutie! Gotta love newborns. And that last shot is perfect!

  5. Great job Kim! These are super shots ;)

  6. Oh Kim- these make me smile! I really needed that today- ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!

  7. Love the bokeh shot! I'm doing a link up on my blog today (and every tuesday in december) for holiday shots, you should come check it out!

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