Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift Ideas for Photography Nuts

While we all would love a nice assortment of fast lens that are professional grade, let’s face it most of us do not have the resources to grant us that.  So a 24-70 L series lens may be on your wishlist for Christmas, but chances are Aunt Gertrude doesn’t buy $1000+ lenses for gifts. 

So here is a list you can share with friends and family that are great gift ideas for the shutter bug.  You can even “accidentally” email it to your husband.  ;)


Reflector - this baby is ultra versatile and helps direct natural light where you need it.  Plus it folds up and is easy to carry around.  With a price under $15, definitely a great gift to give or receive.


Flash - While this is a manual flash, the price is fantastic and if you shoot in manual mode already you will be fine.  You can control the percentage of the flash.  This flash is under $75.  Used with an off-camera set up below you are set! 

Flash set up

Flash stand and umbrella - this set is portable and works with any flash (even the one above).  So you can take this with you and supplement some light out in the field.  Using this wireless trigger system you are all set and for under $60 combined!

20111005_53 copy watermark

Camera Strap -  Yes, your camera came with one.  But does it feel good?  Probably not.  Does it reflect your style?  Probably not.  Does it look manly?  Um, probably.  Here are some beautiful straps handmade by the awesome Gina (who is a blogger and photography junkie).  She has a new business venture called Stylish Beach Bum and has beautiful straps at very affordable prices.  Head over and check out her selection!

lens pen

Lens Pen - An easy-peasy way to clean your lens with compact style and fits about anywhere.  These babies are less than $5!

lens attachments

Macro Attachments - You all know I LOVE these!  I use them often and not just for macro shots.  I will put the +2 attachment on to get a little more range out of my lens.  You will have to get them in a filter size that is compatible with your lens. These are fabulous. At under $15 you cannot go wrong. 

Battery grip

Battery Grip - While this is an accessory that most people associate with professionals, it doesn’t have to be.  There are many off brand grips that are good quality and come highly recommended.  You will have to find one that is compatible with your camera model, but they are around only $50!


Camera Bag - While there are so many camera bags out there, these camera bags offer style along with function.  Epiphanie has a really fantastic selection.  At a price tag of $155 and up, you might want to keep these on a list for extra close people.  There is some sticker shock, but they are gorgeous and functional.

P.S. These bags aren’t just for photographers.  They are a great multipurpose bag or diaper bag.


Actions or Presets - Oh my, my heart starts to flutter just thinking about it.  Actions and presets make life easier for editing mages.  You still have creative control to tweak things, but it is all packaged up nice and neat for you.  Think of them as cake mixes for Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Jodi at MCP Actions has a wide selection of actions and presets.  Her thoroughness is amazing.  She offers actions for PSE and Photoshop starting at $30.  Check out her new line of presets for Lightroom and ACR.  The reviews have been outstanding. 

You know I use a lot of Paint the Moon’s actions so I couldn’t leave her out.  Annie offers such artistic actions for Photoshop and PSE.  Packages start at $35.

Both of these sites offer gift cards, so you don’t have to worry about which set to purchase.


Training - Last but definitely not least.  I don’t know a single person that says they know how to do everything that has to do with photography.  Knowledge helps you develop that skill.  If your wish list is full of “things” than you should look into some classes.  You will find that with the right know-how you probably won’t need those things.  I have a long wish list of classes I would like to take.  Some are about editing, some are about photography.  Kent Weakley offers a great selection of photography classes.  They are a work at your own pace format.  Each week there is a new topic within that class category.  He has night photography, composition, and other topics.  Classes start at under $60!!!

**This post is not sponsored in any way. I was not approached by any of these companies.  These are products/services I have (and love) or would love to have.  All research was done by me and these are my own recommendations.  No links are affiliated. **


  1. This is a really great list. I'm going to check some of these out myself--my bday is coming up as well as Christmas!

  2. will try forwarding this to tim :)

    There are still things I need..... ;)
    karina xx

  3. Yes nice list! I have that exact camera strap and it's so comfortable! And the lens pen he bought for me already. I really want the bag, and that is on my list.

  4. Yes! I want it all ;)
    Great list. I do have a flash and the macro filters, but the others are surely on my list. I didn't know about the lens pens. Cool stuff. Thanks!

  5. You are awesome! All these things are either already in my bag or on my list. :) Thanks so much for the mention- Love you to pieces!!!!

  6. This is a good post. This post give truly quality information.I’m definitely going to look into it.Really very useful tips are provided here.thank you so much.Keep up the good works.

  7. Yes its glorious list! I actually have that actual camera strap and it is so comfortable! and also the lens pen he bought on behalf of me already. i actually wish the bag, which is on my list.



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