Monday, August 1, 2011

Photography Tips for the non-photography Type

There are many of you, my dear friends, that have been reading this blog for a while.  While I have discovered my passion for photography I know that doesn’t mean you have.  You came here originally for crafts and child activities.  Yet you still continue to pop over here.  I love that. 

I am guest posting over at Life with Baby Donut today.  I am sharing some easy photography tips that I would have never known a year ago when I started my journey.  Don’t worry the words aperture, shutter speed, composition, are not in there.  Just some tips for moms that like to chase their kids around with a camera to capture the moments, or for the blogger that finds her images a tad lacking. 

So, please pop over to Rach’s site for a second and give her some love.  You know that you love it when people do that to you.  Winking smile


  1. I read your post. You gave some great photography tips; definitely ones that I will use. Need to get some poster board!

  2. Read your tips over at Rachel's! Found them helpful. Thank you! :)



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