Friday, August 26, 2011

Edit Me Challenge: Girlie

Okay, I am joining in on the Edit Me Challenge again.  I wasn’t really happy with my last one.  It really left me wanting more.  So I am trying with this one.

You know when you take a picture of something, you edit it to match how you saw it in your mind as you took it.  At least that is what I do.  Sure you adjust the camera settings to make sure it is taken correctly, but then you add that umph to it with post processing.  Well, I didn’t take this picture.  I have no idea what emotions or memories this was supposed to stir when the photographer took it.


So I do my weird thing and I squinted at it.  I closed my eyes to re-see it.  I imagine it different ways in my head.  Then I start to feel a story happening. 

Then I picture two old women sitting on a porch sharing a book between them.  The book is a photo album completed by one of their granddaughter’s as a present.  The women are sisters and laugh as they thumb through each page remembering outfits, boys, and hairstyles.  One stops as she sees this picture.  She remembers those socks and her sparkly shoes.  She starts regaling a tale of an afternoon tea party when they got all dressed up for their fairy guests.  After the tea party their mom thought they looked so cute, she took a picture of them. 

One woman turns to her sister and says, “How did she know to cut the picture at the shoes like that?”  speaking of her granddaughter’s scrapbooking efforts.  “I loved those pretty little shoes with the flowers on them. I almost forgot all about them and that tea party.”  The other woman turns to her sister and says, “I never forgot that day.  You whispered to me that ‘Sisters are friends forever’ as you held my hand.”


Then in my mind I walked over to the sisters and looked at the scrapbook over their shoulder and saw this.

edit with frame

That is how I decided to edit this shot.  Yes, I am weird.  We all know that.


Now how I did it:

  • Cropped
  • Made a background copy and use softlight blend mode
  • Boosted the contrast
  • Ran Paint the Moon’s Sweet Ivy action. Adjusted layers a tad, most importantly B&W layer from 100% down to 45% opacity to give it some color back
  • Added Paint the Moon’s Time Worn Soft texture with multiply blend mode, adjusted opacity to 34%
  • Added Paint the Moon’s Fairy Dust texture with softlight blend mode , adjusted to 30% opacity
  • Added frame from The Coffeeshop Blog frames #3 collection in pink and added some text

I hope you like the edit and the story.  It isn’t my style, but it is the style I envisioned for this image. 

You should really join in.  It is actually a lot of fun. Smile


  1. Very nicely done - I liked reading your thought process almost more than looking at the image. Those little old ladies knew what was up.

  2. Great edit, but I love your story even more! Love it!

  3. This turned out great.
    Love the story

  4. That was a lovely story! And the photo turned out great. I really enjoyed reading this post!

  5. That's neat! I love your story. It made the edit so much better for me. :) Not that it was a bad edit, just that I love having a story behind it.

  6. That is amazing! I love it!

    And THANK YOU for sharing how you did it! I'm totally taking notes :-)

  7. No, not weird at all, I love it! What a wonderful imagination you have!

  8. Great idea! Love that you put so much emotion into it.I kept thinking I could totally find a photo like this of my sisters and I!

  9. Ok, CREEPY!!!...Yes, these are my daughters, yes those are their favorite socks and shoes (and dresses), they got dressed up for a picnic in the front yard, and yes, I thought they were so cute I had to get a few pictures!
    Love the edit too :)

  10. OMG I love it! The shiny shoes and stripped socks remind me of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

  11. Love that you made up a story about it! I can just see them too. :)

  12. this is a great edit. love how you imagined the story behind it all and used that to determine your direction. sweet!

  13. Kim I adore this edit! You did a great job.



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