Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt: 7-3

This week I ran with the very first ideas that came to my head for each prompt.  It probably wasn’t a good idea, but I wanted to stick with it.  I made myself work with each image and some I don’t really like, but I am following through with it. 

Pop of Color:

charley pop

I have been buying the kids these and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this title.  Get it?  “Pop” of color.  Okay, obviously I have been in a house full of small children for  little too long. 

Crossing Thresholds:


This is the one I probably had the most fun with.  I tried to make it look all creepy, but it was hard.  The day was so bright, beautiful, and sunny.  I think it is a tad creepy that the gate is open and kind of waiting for you.



Buddy has been eating hot dogs, goldfish, and grapes for lunch the entire week (obviously his request).  So I immediately imagined what his x-ray would look like.  If my Photoshop were better this image would rock, but you get this. 


boots and bike

Charley’s favorite toy outside has been the bike.  No girly bike for her.  She loves this red and blue one.  She saves the girliness for the boots.



I have a lot of farms around me.  The problem is that where I live is very hilly and has tall trees.  So getting a shot of a farm is tricky when they are behind a tree covered hill.  SO I snuck in part of a farm. 


Well, that is this week’s scavenger hunt.  I do have so much fun participating in this.  I learn more every time.  You should really join in.  Any skill level with any camera.  It’s fun!


  1. That farm shot is awesome, the composition is perfect. We've been eating a lot of ice pops too here.

  2. I agree that the farm shot is set up beautifully! I also love the cowboy boots on the bike. I remember my first pair of boots as a little girl. This picture reminded me of that time. The x-ray shot is so cute. That's very creative! :)

  3. Oh my, what amazing shots. The farm looks like it's out of a magazine, and the x-ray could not have been any cuter.

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  4. Great collection! Love every single pics! And you did quite well with your x-ray interpretation. I would never thought of doing that!

  5. I love your farm shot! Yes, I can't seem to get a good shot of a barn either...well, unless I trespass but then I'm afraid I'll get chased off by a shotgun wielding farmer! LOL!

  6. You are so clever - I love the entire set but your first shot and your xray shot are great...oh and I love the farm shot. Oh I just love them all!

  7. Wow, very powerful shot on crossing thresholds.
    I love Pop of color

  8. Great pop of color photo! :) The little girl in the picture looks so cute!

  9. Oh wow! Your kids tummy looks like my kids tummy ;D Very creative!

    [BOYS]terous Brooke

  10. The x-ray one is so cute!

    And I love those pink boots!

  11. Great shots!! I love the "pop" of color!!

  12. I love the concept of your crossing thresholds! Very creative. Those popsicles are soo good!

  13. Princess has similarly girly boots too.

  14. Awesome all the way around. Your X-ray shot is three year old is looking for chocolate gold fishes on his belly hehe.

  15. loved every one of them...I thought the same thing when I saw "POP of Color" and then the ice pop...great interpretation. :)

    and those boots with the bike, the PERFECT shot.

    (and the x-ray...soooo clever, you have such TALENT)

  16. Your x-ray shot is SOOO clever!!!! And the farm shot is beautiful!!



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