Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overflow of Your Heart


This is my favorite verse.  It profoundly changed me.

After I found Jesus I thought all I really had to do was watch my mouth and be careful of what I said to be a better Christian.  This verse completely changed that view and me.

Linking up to Scripture and a Snapshot over at Katie Lloyd Photography.


  1. i really needed to hear this. i've been so on edge lately, so impatient and almost angry... need to look at my heart. we've missed church several weeks in a row now due to traveling and family and things... and while church in and of itself is not the answer, getting right with God is.

    thanks Kim

  2. What is that? It's pretty cool. I like the subtle tweaks (if any). And I do love the quote. I think I needed to hear that too :)

  3. What a cool statue! Great shot. Wonderful photo!

  4. Interesting carving, and right on's a heart issue, not a mouth issue. :)

  5. Oh golly...I think this one's for me to hear! ;)

  6. Awesome! I love the verse...a much needed one for me.



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