Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Actually Like Adding Textures

I always thought textures gave some images great pizazz.  Textures can completely redefine an image.  A texture can soften an image or give it more impact.

I honestly prefer a nice crisp shot, but I am really starting to dig textures.

I thought I knew how to do them by doing a search on google and watching some video on YouTube.  WRONG!  Last week I finished Kim Klassen’s Skinny Mini Course (it’s free, you should if you want to learn Photoshop Elements or Photoshop better).  Now I know how to do a texture.  It turns out I was doing it a way that doesn’t produce the best results for what I wanted to do.  I feel like an idiot.

So now don’t be surprised if you see more shots with some texture added.  Smile

So here is my first shot on the blog taken by my new camera.  I walked down to the end of my road where the ponds are and captured some lily blooms, frogs, and a dragonfly.  It is so hot that I really am not taking as many pictures as I want to.

lily pad bloom texture

The Daily Wyatt

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  1. Lovely! I like textures as well :) I tried to access that course the other day but it said it was closed... I will have to try again :)

  2. OOooo I love it! Great job Kim!

  3. I'm going to have to try that class sometime. Is it something you have to allow a certain block of time for, or is it a 'whenever you can get a second here or a second there to sit at your computer' type of thing? :) This is one of your best (maybe THE best) texture pictures EVER. Great job!

  4. Your photo is awesome! You are really improving, not that you needed to. Wow!

  5. This is absolutely stunning! I love the colors, the background, the lovely flower. It's beautiful.

  6. Ha! You read my mind! I finally starting playing with textures too thanks to Kim's class and was going to do a post about it. Aren't they the bomb! :-)

  7. It's gorgeous! Well done! I got behind on the course so just ordered permanent access to catch up and really spend some time with it. It is such a wonderful resource!
    This image is simply stunning.



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