Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am a BFF (Blog Friend Feature)

I honestly do not remember when or how Shell and I met online.  It might have been through Michelle at Flying Giggles and Lollipops, but I am not certain.  All I know is that we hit it off and have been reading each other’s blogs ever since.  I remember laughing as she showed some rocking moves with her Dance Your Blogger Off.  I remember the prank she pulled on her husband when she used an ovulation indicator and let him think it was a pregnancy test – That was hilarious!

But I am so proud of my friend and the success she has made of her blog.  Shell also writes for Babble.  So I would love for you to go over to her blog and check it out.  She is honest, funny, and down to earth.  She is the mom of three little boys, she has to have a sense of humor.  By the way, her boys have Gorilla glued her couch before.  She’s not in prison.  That’s a good mom!

I have a post on her site today introducing myself and featuring me on her meme Blog Friend Feature.  You guys already know about me, but please head over to Things I Can’t Say and look around her site to learn about her.

If you are visiting from Things I Can’t Say, well welcome!  Please feel free to look around.  My blog is much cleaner than my house, so you have free reign to go wherever you’d like. 


  1. Happy BFF! Swinging by from Shell's! I've never given my kids and ice cream float either... this is particularly heinous because I worked at and ice cream shoppe all through high school and college!

  2. Oh, I'm cracking up at this! Thanks for being BFF... and such an amazing friend to me! :)

  3. Congrats on your BFF feature!

  4. Hi and congrats on your BFF feature over at Shell's! I think she's the best, so you must be pretty awesome yourself! I just read your feature and my kids are parked in front of the TV a lot too, what else do you do when it's a really crappy, rainy spring? Excited to look around your blog!

  5. Congrats on the feature. Stopping by from Shell's blog. Can't wait to read more.

  6. Congrats on being featured! Ok, I'm totally loving your link up. Just got a new camera and I'm excited to use it!

  7. Hi Kim, I'm here by way of Shell, and so glad I came! Your blog is so pretty and your photos are beautiful. I just acquired a new camera and am trying to capture the beautiful, and haven't quite mastered it, so I hope to be inspired by you! :)

  8. Great post on Shell's blog! I left a long comment over there. I'm going to be lazy and copy it here (because I couldn't say it any better, and like I said, I'm lazy).

    "I think it's amazing what you are doing. Helping children need is one of the most selfless things anyone can do. I am sure you are a hero to those kids. Good for you for being brave enough to do it.

    I also believe in the no niche blog, there are just too many different things to talk about, why pigeonhole yourself, right?"

    Congrats on being the BFF. I'll be sure to follow you, you're funny :)

  9. I never could find my voice in bloggy land so I just went with crazy broad and try to talk about everything and nothing all at the same time.



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