Friday, June 10, 2011

Foto Friday: Action

Is it Friday already?  Last week’s pictures may have drove me to eating a tad more than I should have.  They were all so delicious looking.  There were a couple that were really fantastic to me. 

Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd Photography linked up an amazingly sharp photo of raspberries.  Every bit of them was in focus and so crisp.  Loved it!


shutter happy moments

Then Shutter Happy Moments proves (yet again) that you do not have to have a DSLR camera to take fantastic shots.  She did this with a point and shoot camera in a restaurant, not in a studio with fancy equipment.  It looks like it should be in a magazine. 


This week’s theme is “action”.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a long exposure to blur and show the action or if I wanted to freeze a moment of action.  I took a LOT of pictures of the kids running around this week.  But my favorites were these.  I couldn’t narrow it down to just one.  Sue me.

super hero

Charley cape

Now if you are wondering where in the world you can get super cute masks and capes like that, then you need to check out my amazing friend’s (Sherry’s) site called BabyPop Designs.  She makes these capes customized for you.  You pic the color, you pick the emblem and emblem color, and you pick the initial and color.  She was recently featured in Parenting Magazine and Good Morning America.  These are such a hit on play dates that it has become my go to birthday present.  Giving one to a little girl tomorrow, as a matter of fact.

**By the way, this is not a review or a sponsored post.  My friend makes awesome super hero costumes and I am sharing her site.  I would love it if you gave such a fantastic lady some business.**

If you are new or have questions about this photo challenge, please read Foto Friday FAQ.  I hope you decide to join in the fun.  Please click on some of the thumbnails below and give some comment love to these talented photographers. 

Next week’s theme is “Upside Down”.

I can’t wait to see your shots this week!


  1. mmmm, those raspberries make me want to lick the screen!

    Those capes and masks are super adorable!

  2. Love those capes! I would love to make my own for the kids here! Great captures as usual! :)

  3. Oh those capes! Thanks for the heads-up :)

    I so wish I had a personal blog, just so I could participate in this, darn it.
    I love your action shots. It really has been fun watching your photos improve over time, your getting quite good my dear.

    It's been well over a year, crazy huh?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with Cole (I assume that's him) jumping off the porch. That's awesome!!!! What a fantastic action shot! Beautiful editing too. You're way surpassed me, sister! (That wasn't hard, so I guess that's not much of a compliment) :)

  5. Eeek! I'm pretty giddy that you shared my raspberry shot! Thanks - you've just made my day! :)

    And that super hero jump is pretty darn awesome!!! As are those beautifully fun capes and masks!

  6. Those two shots are so so awesome and Katie's raspberry shot is incredible!

  7. I absolutely love the photo of your little boy! It is my favorite! :)

  8. I love the photos of your little super heros. These are oh so wonderful!!

  9. So cute. I love their capes.

  10. I love the photos of your kids in their capes! I think I know what to get Sammy for his first birthday! :D

  11. I loved the raspberry shot too. And your little ones playing in the capes--super cute.

  12. adorable!!! love the capes! lol

  13. Love your new look! And your pictures are wonderful! I happen to have one for next week... I'll have to try to remember t link it. :-)



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