Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dreamy Girl

The Paper Mama is having a photo competition of “Your best shot of a child”.  You need to go over there and see some of these amazing shots!  Most of these are people that earn income (either full time or part time) from photography, but there are some hobbyists, too.  The skill levels vary and it is just fun to see all of the shots. 
So I thought I would link up a shot I took last week of Charley.  I was in my bedroom taking pictures of things on a white posterboard.  My bedroom has the best light in the house, in case you were wondering why I was in there.  Charley came in and was playing on my bed with her stuffed pony.  I turned around and saw her looking at me like this.  I immediately snapped the camera and caught this shot.  Then she was bouncing around as usual.  It was a rare capture.
Pretty Charley
I ran Paint the Moon’s action Joy from her Moxie collection.  I adjusted some levels.  Then I added her Fairy Dust texture and just did a layer mask over her face and hair.  I love the sparkles around the edges.  I think it looks dreamy, even if my husband doesn’t like it. 

The Paper Mama

Joining in Texture Thursday over at The Daily Wyatt for the first time. Maybe I can use this as a reason to get more practice with textures.

The Daily Wyatt



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