Monday, May 9, 2011

Stories From Fostering: Take 1

Did you know that May is Foster Parent Appreciation Month?

So this month I thought I would share some stories that I have experienced as a foster mom. 

Young foster children and infants are automatically eligible for the WIC program.  I really wasn’t planning on taking them up on it with Little Lady, but then the doctor prescribed Nutrimagen.  Have you seen the price of that stuff?!

So I am at the grocery store redeeming WIC vouchers for formula.  I have all 4 kids with me (Cole, Charley, newborn Little Lady, and her brother Little Man).  The cashier knows me well and she knows that we foster.  She smiles as she sees Little Lady and comments about how beautiful she is. 

As I am checking out (with the super annoying fact that I had to use 4 separate transactions) the woman behind me is on her phone.  She loudly tells the person she is talking to that she can’t stand “breeders” that mooch off of the government to support their kids. 

Yeah, we are probably thinking the same thing, but my thoughts probably has a few more choice words than yours. 

The cashier gets mad.  She takes a deep breath and I can tell she is about to set the woman straight.  I quickly put my hand up and then bring my forefinger to my mouth.  I signal to her to shush (nicely, of course – she isn’t one of my kids after all).  She looks at me with a confused face.  I whisper to her as the woman is still ranting on the phone, “She doesn’t need to know anything.  Nothing we say is going to change her heart.  We might make her feel like crap for a minute or two, but her heart needs to be softened by God.”

As I am talking, I can’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.  Am I saying this?  Surely I can’t be saying this!  The only softening I want this lady to get is from my fist.

God stepped in, just like He has so many times for me.  Nothing I said or did in that moment on my own was going to be good.  While that woman may never know anything about me, foster care, or helping out the people that need a hand through services like WIC, she was a big part of something. 

That cashier told me later that she loved what I said that day.  She told some friends about it.  It led to conversations with two different friends about God.  One of her friends she talked with starting asking questions, started going to church, and is now finding things out for herself.  I love it!

I learned that God leading my path to foster care wasn’t solely about our family or the kids we connect with.  He uses so many things in so many ways.

And to think that I wanted to tell that woman off.  Who am I kidding?  I still want to tell her off!


  1. Holy cow, that was amazing! What a great story. I would have wanted to tell that lady a thing or two as well, but I'm glad God moved you to be kind to her. It's so cool that in hind site, you probably thought it was for the benefit of the rude woman, but in actuality, God knew the cashier needed that to happen so she could share with her friends. He's awesome! His ways are certainly not our ways :)

  2. What a great story! Good for you. I admire what you do and find your experiences so inspiring. I wish I had the ability to foster. Kim, you have such a wonderful heart, God really is using you to be a light!

  3. Wow, that is amazing that you said that. I would have been so tempted to set her straight.

  4. I so would have gone with your first thought. I need to send this on to a friend who did foster to adopt

  5. Oh wow. I am in awe that you didnt tackle the woman and cram her cell down her throat. =)

  6. I am so proud of you for how you acted and your beautiful attitude.

  7. Beautiful story! I love how God is using you. I took a bloggy break for Lent and just now getting back. Glad to catch up with you.

  8. yay, i love that!!! it's amazing what comes out of our mouths when we let God do the talking!

  9. While we were fostering my 2nd daughter (blog name Pumpkin), this VERY thing happened to me in the grocery store. A lot.

    After all, I pulled up in my minivan, well-dressed, and bought a lot of groceries with my own money. But when that separate WIC transaction came up, inevitably I got an eyebrow or a snarky comment.

    The rage that bubbled up was hard to quash. After all, here I was fighting to KEEP this baby and all the person behind me was thinking about was how I was mooching off the gov't dime.

    You are a much, much better woman than I, my friend!

  10. Wow... This story is so beautiful! I've written many status comments on this... People lack compassion in this world. I hope one day after I have my Baby to give back like you are... It's inspiring me with going on with Nursing. People judge before getting to know your situation. You may see a mother as in your situation with 4 kids and judge them not knowing that they are saving Children from a very sad situation. You may see a young single mother but you dont know her situation. Or a married mother who's family is struggling to make ends meet in this economy. Any woman that steps up to the plate deserves praise not criticism and believe me... One day that lady will have her eyes opened up. God has a funny way of doing it. Believe me ;)



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