Friday, April 8, 2011

Foto Friday: Texture

The laughter shots from last week were fantastic.  I got a kick out of going through the link up and seeing them.  As always photos that aren’t within the theme are extremely welcome.  I loved all of them.  While they were all fabulous, one stood out dramatically to people.

bubble boy

L to the third linked up this fantastic shot of Sammy being a bubble boy.  Can you say precious?  I commented that it looked straight out of a magazine ad for Johnson & Johnson.  What a marvelous job!


This week’s prompt was “texture”.  You can interpret that any way you want.  My initial idea was to try to take a picture of something with awesome texture that made the image pop.  I took almost 100 pictures and nothing seemed to be what I wanted. 

So I got the brilliant idea that I would ad a texture to my image.  I have seen that add such an element of depth to an image.  Did you know that I just got Photoshop a few months ago and haven’t really learned that much on it at all?  Did you know that I have never, ever added a texture to an image?

I googled how to do it.  It looked easy enough.  I guess it does, technically. 

I didn’t even begin to fathom all of the millions of texture images out there.  Now try to match one up with the right shot.  Yikes!  I was completely out of my element.

So this is the shot I finally decided on.  It is a saddle from my in-laws barn.  I did some clean editing, btw I stink at clean editing and I need to stalk read Ashley Sisk’s blog religiously for some major help.  I also ran some actions and tweaked the levels to get this:


Now I added a texture to it and decided to go with a 39% opacity.  I think it gives the saddle some history and a story.  My husband said I just took a decent picture and made it look like crap.  He also made the comment that if I wanted something to look all old and fuzzy I should just get a 1 megapixel camera and stop using expensive cameras and software.  He did say it nicely and jokingly.  He just doesn’t get this stuff, and I get that.

saddle texture

So what do you think?  Should I have turned down the opacity?    Do you like the first one or the second one better?  Obviously I need a lot more practice.  Good thing I have you all for motivation and inspiration.  Your fantastic shots keep me going and striving to learn more and do better!

If you want more info about Foto Friday or have question, please read Foto Friday FAQ.


Next week ‘s theme is “looking up”

Now show me what you have this week.  I can’t wait!.  Don’t forget to come back and vote.  It is always nice to get some recognition for a job well done.


  1. OK, wait - which one is the doctored up one?

    I like the 1st one best...

  2. LOL the edited one does have more character, un-dusties it. I'm still smiling over your Hubby's comments. My poor husband was like so now that you have a good camera your learning to edit??? WHY?!? lol

  3. That bath picture is adorable. The blue eyes really stand out.

  4. I love the texture you added. Looks great.

  5. Oh yes the second picture looks great! Your husband is funny! I need to learn PhotoShop, its just sitting there.

  6. Well your original is gorgeous. It's funny you say that about your husband. My husband used to be the exact same way when I was experimenting with textures but as I've gotten better with them, he's started to like them just a little.

  7. Fun challenge, glad to link up with you! Love your original shot & your edit's beautiful :)

  8. Do we bother men with their toys? So why do we get comments on our photography?
    Love your edit work.

  9. gorgeous shot! mt 1st time here

  10. Thanks for featuring my bubble boy! I'm kind of in the same boat as you and have a really hard time with textures; I think it's a matter of practice and some more practice. That said, I think both shots are gorgeous!

  11. I love the bubbles and blue eyes--so fun. And the saddle takes me back to when I was young. Great shots.

  12. It looks like your on your way with textures!

  13. Preciosas tonalidades en esa silla de montar, pero esa sonrisa del bebe es una de las cosas más bellas que se pueden ver en el mundo, muy buena. Saludos.

  14. i'm glad that pic won, so incredibly adorable!!

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