Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday: Looking Up

I want to thank everyone that has been joining in with Foto Friday.  Last week was full of fantastic shots.  My favorites were:
Artistic Abstraction  from Pens and Cameras is just stunning.  I can’t take my eyes away form the colors and depths.  Fantastic!
The texture added to this photo by Heidi has a Hobby made all of the difference.  It completely changed the look and the story of the image.  This is what I hope to learn how to do successfully with textures. 
This week’s theme is “looking up”.  Honestly, I took pictures form the base of trees, from under an exersaucer, and looking up a light pole.  None seemed right to me. 
I had taken this shot over the weekend at my in-laws house.  We were playing around in the barn and Cole was staring at Baby (the name of the horse).  I just clicked a few of these shots to play around with my aperture. 
I love how this one turned out.  Cole is looking up at Baby and has a big smile on his face and has the awe of a child.  Love it.  Just wanted to share. 
Now it is your turn to share your photos.  If you have any questions about Foto Friday, you can read more here at Foto Friday FAQ.

Next week’s theme is “family”. 
Take it exactly how you want to.  I am looking forward to seeing your shots. 
I would really like to learn more and hopefully get better at photography.  I can practice and practice all I want, but I am still looking at every image with the same set of eyes.  I was recently inspired by My 3 Boybarians to ask for constructive criticism.  Tell me what I am missing, doing wrong, a different approach I might want to try, anything.  This is a learning process I am just beginning, so your help would be great!  Thank you.


  1. A lovely silhouette.

    Here's my entry this week:

  2. theres no linky tool?? where did he go??

  3. I was going to join and put the badge on my blog but there is no linky tool. Anyway here is my entry.

    one of my pictures I posted is looking up

  4. I am so sorry for the technical difficulties. The problem has been fixed and your links have been added. :-)

  5. What a gorgeous picture of your son with the horse! You should have it blown up and put on a canvas!

  6. I love the silhouette (didn't know how to spell that one!). They look so happy to see each other.

    I would love to offer advice, but you know I'm no professional. But, if I think of anything, I'll be sure to let you know! You do the same for me now, ya hear! :)

  7. I love your shadow play and the body language of your son. Fun photo. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  8. LInked up for the first time today. Love your photo choice today really beautiful shot.

  9. Love that picture!! You're going to have to frame that one for sure!!

  10. Wow, that is such a beautiful shot! I agree with Blue Zoo, that is a framer!

    I need to join in on this, but this week I will be out of town. I'll swing by and check out the following week's theme!

    Have a beautiful Easter!



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