Friday, April 22, 2011

Foto Friday: Family

Friday is definitely becoming my favorite day of the week.  There are some amazing photos being shared.  I am truly inspired by what people are linking up. 

Last week was “looking up” and holy moly were there some great shots!  Here are just a couple of my favorites.

Shutterscapes linked up this great capture of the moon.  It is getting me itchy to try some nightscape shooting.



the road goes ever on

The Road Goes Ever On shared this fantastic photo of a palm tree.  Okay, I am officially ready for the summer after looking at this picture.



So let’s get this week kicked off.  I will start by saying this is not the best picture, but I wanted to get one of the kids together.  Do you know how hard it is to get four children to sit still at the same time?!

And since two of them are our foster children, I have no authority to publish their faces.  So I did what any good mom would do.  I turned on the television and sat the baby next to them.

line of kids

As far as blood relation, they are not family.  You could never tell them that, though.  Come to think of it you can’t tell me that, either.

Now it is your turn to share your photos.  I can’t wait to see them. Smile

If you have any questions about this link up please read Foto Friday FAQ.

Next week’s theme is "symmetry”.

Please be sure to visit some of the awesome people below and give them some love.  Since Sunday is Easter, I will have the link open through Tuesday night.  So please join in on the fun.


  1. Wow, baby girl is getting so big, even sitting up already!

    Cute shot. Blood doesn't necessarily make a family, love is all that matters! :-)

  2. That shot of all of your little ones in a row is simply adorable!

  3. I totally missed the theme this week so I apologize for my entry - your little ones look adorable.

  4. thanks for featuring my shot :) I love the way your kids are all lined up sitting quietly for their photo. And hey, a mother does what she has to do. Happy Easter.



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