Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Different Use for Bath Crayons

It’s rainy.  It’s cold.  Outside is not an option right now.  Unfortunately we are at the end of winter, so the kids have been cooped up for an eternity.  I have squeezed out every last ounce of interest the kids have in our regular activities.  We needed something new.

Enter the bath crayons.


We have a bathroom that has only a shower unit in it.  It is horrible.  It actually has gold glitter flecks in it. Okay, back on track, sorry. 

My original intention was to make a learning game out of it for Cole, but he wasn’t keen on matching upper and lower case letters (at all). 


So I just let them have at it. 


They scribbled away.


And away.


How else could you get a 2 yr old, 3 yr old, and a 4 yr old in an area less than 6 sq.ft. without any fighting?  This lasted 20 minutes with all three!  The younger two played in there another 10 minutes together. 

So there you have an idea for emergency fun.  The best part is that they are essentially soap, so clean up is a breeze.  Works for one child or more.  You can do it in a regular bath as well, just be sure it is dry.


  1. So cute, I love that last pic! That's neat that Charlie now has a playmate that's her age.

    What a good idea. I keep meaning to pick up some tub crayons at the store but I always forget. My boys would love them.

  2. That is awesome. I need to play with that soon.

  3. 3 kids playing together for 20 minutes I can't believe it.

  4. Oh yes, the bath crayons are a big deal around here. I think they feel like they are coloring on the wall and I guess thats cool. My boys also like those window crayons.

  5. Hmm... you've got me thinking. I don't have any bath crayons. And this is a FABULOUS tip you have here. But I'm wondering about regular crayons that are washable. I'm sure they'd love the smooth surface to scribble all over. Maybe I should just look for the bath crayons. Great winter idea!

  6. What a great idea! I need to get some of those.

  7. Try the bath finger paints! They are brilliant!

  8. That's awesome!

    Oh, and if you're looking for something to entertain a 1 yr old, a 5 yr old, and 6 yr old in an area less than 8 sq.ft. without any fighting...try giving them all cheap flashlights and letting them play with them in your walk in closet.



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