Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recycled Heart Craft

I ran across a great tutorial on how to make a heart wreath and it got my brain jogging.  I remembered a snowflake craft that I had seen in a magazine, so I modified it for hearts.

What came out was this cool ornament looking thingy.  Doesn’t that sound enticing?


You will need a toilet paper roll, paint, pipe cleaner, hole punch, paint brush, and scissors.


Have your kids paint the toilet paper roll.  Paint it inside and out.  While the paint is wet you can add glitter, but I wasn’t about to do with these three.



After the paint has dried bend the roll in the shape of a heart.


Cut the roll into strips about 3/4 of an inch wide.  Use the hole punch to make a hole.  I made mine a tad under the halfway mark.


Thread your pipe cleaner through the holes on all of the pieces.


Twist the pipe cleaner together and ta-da, you have one cute decoration and a proud kid.


This is great for Valentine’s Day or any time you want to make some hearts.  Let’s face it, hearts are cute and a great reminder of love.  Everyone needs some in their life. 


I shared this post over at 4tunate’s Easy Homemade Valentine’s Day Craft Link Up.  If you have a post you want to share, head over there and link up, too.  I am going over there to check out other people’s cool ideas.  Smile


  1. I love your take on it! Don't ya love using up those cardboard rolls that you would just throw away? Thanks for the linky love!

  2. My kids will get a kick out of this! Everyday they ask me what Valentine decoration or card or craft they can make while waiting for the big day. Plus my kids are a little obsessed with the toilet paper rolls. A match made in heaven!

  3. Cute idea - we have a bunch of toilet paper tubes around to try this out! :)

  4. Those turned out SUPER cute! Hmmmm...... Do I want to break out our paints to try this.......

  5. Very cute! You could use green paint and turn them into clovers for St Patty's day too! I may have to try that!

  6. Super cute. I will be doing this today! Thanks.

  7. Very cute! This would be a great way to use some of those toilet paper rolls we've been saving up :-)

    I'm a new follower also.

  8. That is really neat! We are always saving toilet paper rolls so this will be a great project to do!

  9. Great tutorial for kids. love it, thanks for sharing...

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