Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things About BlissDom

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010

In two weeks I am going to BlissDom, again.  Last year was my first time and my first blogging conference ever.  I was very nervous.  I had no idea what to expect. 

I was overwhelmed by the flurry of talk on twitter about new wardrobes and technology gadgets.  I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but the first night (the night before the conference actually started) I was feeling completely out of my element and discouraged.

So why am I going back?  Why am I telling you this?

Because the next day I recognized familiar faces (that recognized mine back), got hugs, and gained knowledge.  BlissDom was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone that blogs.  I learned a lot and created amazing opportunities for myself and my blog.

blissdom dailydwelling pic

(These pictures were “borrowed” from Janna at The Adventure of Motherhood and Monica at Daily Dwelling). Love these ladies!!

BUT, do know these things ahead of time:

  • A lot of bloggers are shy and introverted.  Just because their site reads easily and openly, does not mean that is how these women are comfortable.  Some are very shy, while some are not (me).


  • There will be clusters of women standing together and laughing.  It will take you right back to the hallways of {gulp} high school.  It may look clique-ish, but it really isn’t.  These women read each other blogs, email, tweet, and talk all year long and this may be their only chance to see each other in real life.  They have already connected and bonded with each other.  They are just hanging out with friends.  They are not trying to exclude you, they are just caught up in the moment of being with their friends. 


  • If you see a blogger you recognize and really want to tell them you read their blog and love it, by all means walk right up to them and tell them.  More than likely they will love to hear it and reply with a huge smile and a big thank you.  You just may start up a conversation and get a new friend.  :-)


  • On that note, there are some snotty people there.  Yep, I said it.  You cannot get 500 people together without a few people that think they are superior.  It is the law of averages.  Those people are very few and far between.  If you run into them, just shake it off and don’t let them ruin one minute of your experience.  They are not worth it.


  • Don’t worry about wardrobes.  There are women wearing everything from t-shirts and jeans to suits.  No matter what you are wearing you will fit in.  I will be in jeans the entire time.  I will have sweaters and loose shirts and my high heeled boots.  Be comfortable, be yourself.


  • If you see me, NO MATTER WHAT I AM DOING, please come up to me and say “Hello”.  I would love to meet you.  Here is a picture of me, so you know exactly what I look like. 


You can’t miss me, I have bright orangish-red hair (no not dyed, but the grays that keep coming are making that day sooner).  I will also have the cutest little baby you have ever seen with me, unfortunately my son pictured above will be at home.  He would probably find the sessions boring.  ;-)


BlissDom (and other conferences) are full of information and offer a great chance to network with people in all aspects of blogging.  They will supply you with motivation, information, and tools to make you the blogger you want to be. 

They will not give you some special secret to make you as big as Dooce.  They will not make your numbers skyrocket over night.  They will not have advertisers and sponsors filling your inbox with offers of big money.  You will probably not get a book deal signed there. 

The secret to success in blogging is the same secret to success in everything.  Hard work, commitment, and balance.  These conferences will help you find the level of work and balance you need to make your blog successful.  Everyone’s idea of success is different.  Just like everyone’s blog is different.  You get to find what is right for you.  The best thing about conferences is that it is all right there for you to discover yourself (with very helpful tips from people that have been there, done that).

If you are going to BlissDom, I hope to see you there.  Leave me a comment or tweet me and let me know you will be there so we can meet.  If you aren’t going, which conference are you dying to attend?



  1. GREAT post!!! I'm linking this post up, when I do my Introduction Post as the Newbie Tribe/Community Leader on Thursday!

  2. I'm going to Blissdom and I am a newbie!! Thanks for all the info. It was perfect. I am very outgoing too, but still feel a little nervous about my first blogging conference. Fortunately though, I'm going with 4 other woman I have met through blogging so chances are I'll be one of the girls laughing in a group that looks pretty tight. Plus I think there will be 8 of us on what we have dubbed the 'party plane' so we will have one whole day of building relationships before we even get there. I'm sooooo Excited!

    I am still concerned about the cocktail parties and what to wear. I'll figure it out though. During the day...no problem, I'm sticking to my uniform. Skinny jeans, boots and probably a few sweater dresses or cardigans! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you there!

    ♥ april

  3. Wow this is the best information I have found yet! You write with clarity and know what the real concerns of newbies are! Thank you!

    I am very excited about going to Blissdom. I am an empty-nester though (sniff,sniff) no wait (woohoo!) I also have red hair, short and spikey variety. And yes the grey has caught up with me:)
    Would love to say Hi if I see ya.which I hope I do and I'm re-tweeting this great post of yours!

  4. Saw this on Twitter and clicked through (and retweeted!). This is a great post as I will be going to Blissdom in 2 weeks, also as a conference newbie!

    See you there!

  5. What a fabulous post!

    I wrote a post today about how my Bible Study feels clique-ish and why I didn't go back(though I'm trying again tomorrow), but I was thinking about Blissdom and how there are so many women that I "know" from blogs that I want to meet that I could end up looking like I'm clique-ish. When that's not the case.

    And, I'm LOUD on my blog, but IRL, I'm actually introverted.

    But, all that said, if I don't see you at first at Blissdom, I WILL get up on a chair and starting yelling for you and waving my arms like a crazy person.

  6. Great post! I'm a newbie this year...this helped! :) See you at Blissdom!

  7. Hi, Kim...from another Kim.

    This is my first Blissdom. I attended BlogHer and Type-A Mom in 2010. This is the first blogging conference where I will know my roommate and a ton of other people. I worry a bit that I'll slip too much into the comfort zone of just hanging out with friends. The thing I loved best about not knowing anyone at a conference was meeting SO many new people. I came home with at least one lifelong friend from each.

    If I see you, I'll say hello :)

  8. Yep, I am headed to Blissdom as well, my first year, but my 2nd conference. I went to Type A on a whim last year as a new blogger and didn't know anybody. It was tough! I know many more bloggers now and hope to meet a few IRL as well as see some friends I made at Type A!

  9. Great post! I'm a newbie to blogging and wishing I was going to this conference. Hope to attend next year. Thanks for all the info - I'll definitely use it in the future!

  10. I so wish I were going again this year!! Your post was perfect and you gave some excellent pointers. I hope you have an amazing time at Blissdom '11.

    And I love the short hair cut on you...so cute!!

  11. Great post, Kim! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

  12. Great advice Kim. I am just sitting down figuring out our packing list, as you can imagine it's a little bigger this year ;) I have a feeling our room will look a little like a cross between Babies R' US and a hotel room.

  13. A highlight of Blissdom was getting to know you last year! So glad to hear I can hug you in person again this year!

  14. Love this & it is so, so true. I went to BlogHer in August & had a WONDERFUL time, but I'm still shaking in my boots about Blissdom.

    & I'll also be rocking jeans the entire time.

  15. I'm not only a Blissdom Newbie, I'm a blog conference newbie. I'm soaking up your advice and hoping for the best!

  16. Have fun my friend! Don't forget about little ol me when you get discovered! :-)

    PS. LOVE, love, love the new haircut, way cute!!!

  17. Well I wont be at Bliss Dom but what a great idea it is!!

  18. would love to go to blissdom!!! i guess i'll have to wait til next year!!

  19. What?! No book deal?? Geez. Guess I'll stay home.

    haha! Kidding.

    Oh my gosh. I was SO nervous last year. I had NO clue what I was doing. I had only been blogging a couple months. I only knew my sister at the conference and that was it. I just nodded and pretended to know what everyone was talking about.... lol At least this year I will KNOW what people are talking about! Maybe...

    Cant wait to see you there!!

  20. GREAT post. This is my first conference. While I'm blessed to know several fab bloggers IRL, I will be meeting MANY new folks and am quite nervous about it. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  21. You are going to have so much fun! I really wish I was going so we can meet. I know we will hit it off!

    I do know about that high school feeling from some of the other blogging events I went to. It can be awkward if you do not put yourself out there and simply strike up conversation with other people. And that is just what I did!

  22. Thanks for your post. This is my first blogging conference and I'm a bit nervous. I'm the introvert type that you talked about so thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom.

  23. Thanks for this post! Another nervous newbie here :) Hope to see you there.

  24. Yet another nervous newbie here who is thankful for your post! You are gorgeous and I love your 'do! Looking forward to meeting you & getting my bliss on.




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