Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Mobilize Your Blogger Site

I know many of you do not blog.  I am sorry, but this is all about blogs.
Sad smile
Last week I attended BlissDom.  We discussed many things, but at the very end a keynote speaker addressed the fact that many people read blogs from their mobile devices.  I know I do, especially when I am feeding the baby.

So is your blog mobilized?

If your eyes just glazed over or you crinkled your nose and went, “Huh?” Well you may want to finish reading this.

My site was not mobilized.  It looked like this on my Droid.
Now it looks like this.
No need to zoom in.  No long loading time because of sidebar buttons or widgets.  You can still makes comments and read them.  Your site, just simplified.  You click on the arrow next to the post title to read the entire post.  Easy.

If you have the Wordpress free version your site is probably already mobilized.

If you are a self-hosted site you need a plug in.  There are many out there, but Allie at No Time For Flash Cards installed WP Touch on her site over the weekend and it looks great.
If you are on Blogger, here is what you do.
  • Go to the Beta Dashboard of Blogger Draft,
  • “Settings” Tab
  • “Email & Mobile” Tab
  • The very first section is “Mobile Template”.  Click the Yes button. 
  • Save the settings at the very bottom.
You are now mobilized.  Congratulations.  Your header and everything will automatically appear similar to mine above, but in your version of course.  So, even if you are placing free content from other websites to your blog, your followers will be able to easily read it from their mobile device.

Your readers always have the option at the bottom of the page to view your site in web version, if they do not like the mobilized version.

I don’t have the step by step directions for WordPress, but it appeared to be very easy for Allie.  I believe she even did it while nursing.Winking smile

I just wanted to share how to do it in Blogger with friends that just may want to do it.


  1. Wow, what a great tip! Hope you had a good time!

  2. Thank you... mine is now mobilised (even though I don't have a smart phone lol)

  3. Thanks, I needed this (Blogger directions especially)

  4. Just earlier today, I was discussing this with my husband. Blogger made it simple! I am going to check out the wordpress plugin. Thanks for sharing! How was BlissDom?

  5. THanks for posting this!! I loved meeting you and your little baby at BlissDom.

  6. Awesome tip! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Thanks! What a great tip and it took me less than a minute!

  8. Cool! And so easy to do! Thanks for letting us know.

  9. Just did this and really hope it helps those reading my blog...thanks for the great tip!

  10. I use blogger, and the first thing under Email and Mobile isn't Mobile Template, it's Blogsend address. I don't have anything that says Mobile Template. :( Wonder what this means.

  11. Amanda - if you go to your regular dashboard, it will not show up, unless you have switched your site to the beta version. You have to go to the web address I wrote on there. It is a different dashboard. Then go through the steps.
    I did the same thing. :)

  12. Kim-
    Thanks so much! Now I am mobilized, though my eyes did glaze over at first when you mentioned it. I don't have a smartphone, so I had no idea what you were talking about! I'm glad you put the pictures on there to explain the difference, and that you said the load times were better because I wouldn't have known. And actually, when I clicked on the link you provided, my dashboard came up with a popup from Blogger pointing to the settings tab asking if I wanted to mobilize. I was even able to see a preview. Easy! Thanks! I hope it helps my readers. :-)

  13. Okay, I think I have not successfully done that. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  14. done, thank you!! :)

    i bet you missed your babies!

  15. Thanks for posting this! Shared it on my photoblog

  16. I tried WP Touch last night and checked it out with my phone and my site was the same. So, I tried another plugin that completely messed up the site on my phone. It looked fine when I went to bed, but today it was just a bunch of code. I just activated WP Touch again now, so I will give it some time. I hope this works. I am always on other peoples blogs with my phone...I know, I am a blog addict.

  17. I was so excited to do this. Then, all my comments started to disappear. Turns out there was a glitch. Whenever someone commented from a mobile device, it overrode anything already there. I lost over 30 comments. I was so upset.

  18. Elizabeth, that is horrible. I haven't heard of that happening. One of my friends is having trouble with the WordPress plug in, but trouble with Blogger is new to me. I wil research this further. I would really hate for this to happen to someone else.

  19. That was awesome...thanks. I have a stinky phone and cannot access my own blog on the go, but now others can! Thanks.
    504 Main

  20. Holly showed me this! I love it just did it to my blog too! Thanks so much.

  21. totally cool! Thanks so much. I am now mobilized!!

  22. Best thIng ever! Do u mInd if I do a post on it kicking people back to you for the tutorial? Your blog is so funny I cry I laugh so hard reading your say what's!



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