Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Make a Homemade Geoboard

My son has these in his preschool class. I thought they were really neat and wanted to have one at home. Have you seen the prices of these? I know they are worth it, but if I can make one inexpensively...why not?


All you need are colored rubber bands, black paint (helps the rubber bands show up better), ruler, rounded tip nails, hammer, and a wood plaque. You can use any piece of wood, but the store bought plaques are already have smooth routed edges.

I bought the rubber bands, plaque, and nails at Walmart and spent only $5.50. Your prices may vary, but it should be close. Here are the exact nails I bought. I had a hard time finding adequate ones at the home improvement store.


I had Cole paint the plaque black with a small roller. This provides a nice even coat with quick drying time.

While he was painting I marked the nails with a red marker. This way I could keep the height of the nails even. I just lined a bunch up and made one mark across then at once. It was very easy.

Once the paint dried I made a grid on the board of 1 inch squares. [When I make another one I will make 1.5 inch squares, to give a little more space.]


Then I hammered the nails until the red line was in the wood. This is what it looked like all done.

It looks a like a medieval torture device, but it isn't sharp at all. It could still hurt someone if not properly supervised, though. This is definitely for preschoolers and not toddlers (although Charley insists on playing with it). I would suggest supervising, at least the first few times it is played with.

My son had a great time with it. He was so excited and recognized this from his classroom. What a great way to practice fine motor skills and experiment with shapes.


We plan on making a few more for friends. They were such a hit.  They are a perfect way to add some indoor fun to winter days.


I linked this post up over at Joyful Learner for Math Links Monday.


  1. Okay, I have to try this. I was just telling my husband I wanted to buy one for our kids. Thanks for sharing. You always have the best ideas.

  2. Not only a great idea, but you did a great job with it!

  3. This looks great! What types of activities do you do with it, beyond making shapes?

  4. How fun! I bet I could find all that I needed to make this in my garage. I'll have to show this to my hubby - it would be a fun weekend project. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Great idea! Would make a good gift, too.

  6. I saw this being made at another blog but you gave great directions! I like the idea of painting it black. It almost looks like a chalkboard. Can you link this up with our math links?

    I also have few ideas on working with geoboards here:

  7. Great homemade geoboard. We have both bought and homemade and they are both popular (bought is bigger, homemade is smaller). I made ours from the pins and corkboard base.

  8. Yours turned out great - I like the idea of the black paint.

  9. You did a splendid job on that geoboard!! I made one for my toddler a few years ago (he still needed supervision, though).

    If you're interested, here is a link to the post:

  10. Good information about how to make Homemade Geoboard. I think homemade geoboard is best and cheap.

  11. It really looks great. Homemade geoboard is best for children. Less time is required for ready this.

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