Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating BIG by drawing BIG

I want my kids to do things BIG.  I want them to live big, love big, give big, have big hearts and big minds.  So why not create big, too?

Did you know your local newspaper will sell rolls of paper to you?  Did you know that you can get different grades of it?

11-4-10 013

My local paper sells this roll for $1.00.  Yep, $1.00!  So call your paper and see how much they sell it for.

You can do all sorts of stuff with it, but this time I used it for plain old drawing – BIG style.   I rolled out some in the dining room and gave the kids some markers.

 11-4-10 015

They started off drawing small things.

11-4-10 014

Then things began to grow larger and larger. 

11-4-10 016

The first small drawings became mere parts of the BIG picture. 


They drew entire scenes of life.  It was fantastic!  Cole even drew a cat that got rescued and went to a home that needed a cat to love.  How sweet is that?!


And what does a life scene from a 4 year old and a 2 year old have in it?  Mommy.

11-4-10 017

Cole drew me.  Anatomically correct too.  Wasn’t that nice of him?

My loving husband just had to point out the fact that my breasts in the drawing are not near the top.  They are more in the middle region.  Wasn’t that nice of him?



  1. Oh man, that was SOOOOOO nice of him.

    We love doing big long murals, but I'm going to have to check with the Statesman because that would be a much better price than the butcher paper we've been getting.

  2. We love doing this too! My sister used to work at the newspaper so she would just go grab me a new roll when I needed it. Before she left the paper she went and grabbed like 4 rolls, so we should be good for awhile. ;)

  3. Oh, my! I really, really want to go to our newspaper office and see if they will sell me some paper like this!!!!

    My boys would love it!

    LOL @ the drawing of you. They love their mommy. :)

  4. Ha Ha Ha! That is too funny! Did you smack your husband. ;-)

    I am going to have to check out my newspaper office and look into this. I had no clue you could do such a thing. Thank you.

  5. I use to buy these rolls from our local newspaper all the time when I taught preschool. I have no idea why I did not think of it with my own kids! I usually buy a huge roll at Ikea for about 5 bucks and it gets A LOT of use! Aiyana loves when I trace her body and usually she draws her bones and organs, but of course, other times she creates her outfits.

  6. Lol. Great tip on the newspaper office! Now, I just need to find one around here!

  7. oh my gosh How well our husbands would get on;)

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