Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rokenbok Roks! (My review of Rokenbok)

Let me start off by telling you that these are the coolest thing our house has ever reviewed.  Yep, I said it.  The coolest!!

We received Rokenbok building sets to review.  The first one was the Rok Works Construction and Action Set.  Oh…my…goodness!  If you have a little boy around the ages of 5-8 (recommended for 6 and up), you have to get one of these. 

9-20-10 003

Yes, my son actually makes that squirrelly face when he is really excited.  :-)

It came with pretty easy instructions to follow.  All of the pieces were very easy to put together.  The end result was the coolest building set I have ever seen! 

9-20-10 021

This set comes with a wireless remote control dump truck.  You load the “rocks” from the quarry into the dump truck and dump them into the hopper.  There is a sensor in the hopper that carries them up the conveyer belt and down a chute. 

 9-20-10 025

As they go down the chute, they are sorted and distributed into bins.  These bins have a button underneath them, so you can drive the dump truck right up to them and the bin empties into the truck. 

9-20-10 026

It is soooo cool.  I played with this for a long time.  My excuse was that I was trying to show Cole how it operated, but really I just wanted to play with it!

9-20-10 004

We also received RokBlocks Preschool Building Set.  This set has to be the best building set I have ever seen.  I am not just saying that because they gave me one and I am writing the review.  Seriously, it is truly awesome. 

9-20-10 005

The blocks are nice and big so they build big structures (or anything), but they aren’t baby-ish like Mega Blocks can be.  The unique appearance of the blocks give them a big kid look.  The interlocking system for RokBlocks is perfect.  They are very easy to put together and take apart, but they actually hold onto one another and do not fall apart as you are playing.  You get a lot of pieces in the set, too.  More than enough for multiple creations.

9-20-10 010

My husband really enjoyed creating with Cole with these.  My husband is a math and computer guy, while I am a total science junkie.  We both appreciate the benefits of building sets, especially RokBlocks. 

9-20-10 012

The RokBlocks Preschool Building Set came with really neat pieces that send my son’s imagination into overdrive.  They have pieces that connect blocks to allow them to spin.  They have pieces that connect blocks like a hinge so the blocks can swing.

I can honestly tell you that every single day since we have had this set, my son plays with them.  Every day.

9-28-10 010

My son loves them so much that he told his friends at preschool about them.  So we decided to take them to preschool for a day.  With his teachers’ permission, we brought the RokBlocks to class and spread them out on a table at one of the stations.  They were a huge hit!  Cole’s teachers asked about the set.  They were very pleased with how well they connected and the children’s response to them.  They wrote down the name and plan on putting them on the supply list for next year.  That is how cool these things are!

9-20-10 007

It is no secret that playing with building sets help children promote creative problem solving, improve language skills, increase math performance, and develop motor skills.  Rokenbok has definitely put a new twist to the construction and building toy market.  You can even download free building plans on their website from the Hard Hat Area that is coming soon.  Kids can also become members of the Builders Hall of Fame on their website by submitting photos of their creations. 

In my opinion Rokenbok has raised the bar.  I don’t see anyone surpassing them (or even meeting them) in the near future.  These toys are fabulous! 


If you would like to learn more about Rokenbok, watch some of their videos on You Tube or check out their Rokenbok website.  If you are on Facebook you can Like their facebook page.  Twitter people can find them at @RokenbokToys

They are having a special promotion going on as well.  Click here to see their specials.

Though the price may be a little high, it is worth it.  You guys know what a cheapskate I am.  I am planning on buying another set for my son for Christmas.  He really loves their products!  I strongly encourage you to check them out and I think you will find that they could be the perfect gift idea for your son or daughter preschool age through tweens.  These guys rock (or should I say Rok).


Disclosure:  I did receive these sets free of charge in order to conduct an accurate and honest review.  This in no way influenced my opinion of the product.  My son had no idea we got these for free and he loves them, so there is honesty for you.  My opinions are always my own, because let’s face it who else would claim them?


  1. I love your reviews! You are making my Christmas shopping a lot easier. Keep it up!

  2. My daughter loves building and these look like the perfect gift for her. Thanks for your review.

  3. Hey, the hubby made it on your blog! Yay!

    What fun toys! And just look how happy Cole is!



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