Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grasshopper in Macro

So my wonderfully supportive friend, Karina, over at Mumma Made It has been taking pictures of her beautiful Spring gerbera daisies.  She has been using a lens attachment that we both have that modifies a regular lens to be like a macro lens.  She has taken shots like this one.


Seriously, I got this image straight from her site and she did take it.  But you really need to go over there and see her double bloom gerbera.  It is really cool!

While she has taken gorgeous shots of flowers, I found a willing subject to model for me.  Cole spotted this grasshopper and I wasn’t sure he was going to cooperate, but he played nice and let me get some practice.

10-10-10 036 

10-10-10 030

Without this lens attachment I would have never noticed how beautiful a grasshopper truly is.

10-10-10 033

It has such neat markings and  sleek angles.

10-10-10 035-1

“Hey, you looking at me?”


I was waiting for him to jump on me, but he never did.  I think he liked being the center of a photoshoot.

I am linking up with other posts for Macro Monday.


  1. That is awesome! Can I ask what camera/lens you use? I want to get something similar and have been looking for what would be best.

  2. They are really beautiful as you have so eloquently captured in these photos. Look at those eyes, Wow!

  3. These are cool shots for your first set of macros. You are right, he does seem to be enjoying the attention.

  4. I know grasshoppers really do have some cool decorations to them. thanks for coming to my blog.

    really quick can you come back and tell me if you see my signature? it says Grace abounds, Liz. for some reason I do not see it on my end and hope i did not delete it...

  5. I think grasshoppers are so cute and I like the details in these shots. Welcome to the wonderful world of macro photography!

  6. great macro's
    especially the first

  7. That is both cool and a little gross. Thankfully this year the cricket invasion wasn't all that bad.

  8. I would have been so scared that it was going to jump on me. I'm a wimp like that.

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