Saturday, September 25, 2010

Say WHAT? : Bath Time



“Do not drink the baby’s bath water.”


My children just adore Little Lady.  They are always giving her kisses, petting her (yes I wrote petting), wanting to hold her, and wanting to feed her.  Charley was helping me give Little Lady a bath when she decided that she needed a taste of the bath water.  She stuck her finger in the baby bath, pulled it out, and licked it.  Then she said “Num, Num.”  She promptly tried to cup her hands and get more water to drink. 

That is when I had to say those words.  You know, the words you never thought you would say (or even have to say).


What funny things have you said lately?



  1. That is too funny. Why is the bath water so tempting?

  2. I'm glad everyone is adjusting to the little additions!

    Well at least Charley didn't want to jump right in with her!

  3. I am shocked. SHOCKED. At how often I have to tell my child not to stick his hand "down there" when he's got a dirty diaper. Really, I cannot imagine why he does that--I guess he's curious?!?!



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