Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say What? - Who's #2


“You have got to come up with another name for him other than #2.”


Cole and Charley love to play cats or dogs.  The charade goes on all day long.  I am sure your child does this, too.  Well now that we have Little Man, they have taught him how to play along, too.

Cole has decided that Charley Cat is to be called “#1”.  So that , of course, means that Little Man Cat is called “#2”. 

Nothing says camaraderie like Cole yelling, “#2 get over here and eat your cat snack.” 

My favorite was “Mom, my #1 is licking #2.  Isn’t that so sweet?”  All I could do was laugh.


Chalk another one up to things I never thought I would say (or need to).

What crazy thing has come out of your mouth lately?



  1. How cute!

    How about, "Get your mouth out of the blinds!" Yes, i did just say that like five minutes ago! It's an ongoing battle to keep my kids away from the blinds.

  2. HA! Love it!
    I was beginning to wonder if everything was back to normal at home with no craziness.

  3. I'm dying laughing just reading that... too funny!

  4. Oh no, that must be hard to keep a straight face through.

  5. I just read all of them! Wow! Yes i have said some crazy things I just never thought I'd say too! :)



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