Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Activities for Different Levels


If you follow me on twitter or Facebook, then you know that we have a child in our care through the foster system.  Everyone is doing really well adjusting and we are all having fun.  The days have gone smoothly and eating and sleeping schedules haven’t been an issue at all.  But some of our daytime activities have changed. 

I now have a 23 month old, a 2.5 year old, and a 4 year old.  All at different developmental stages.  “Little Man” (that is what we will call the little boy in our care) has substantial developmental delays and is definitely not used to doing projects and crafts (duh, Kim).  I am working on that, but I need to take baby steps for his sake and mine.  :-)

So what activities are there?  Easy-peasy one for outside on a gorgeous day…sensory station filled with water and bubbles!

Here is a table my mom scored from a local daycare doing remodeling.  I put some of our favorite items from playing in the kitchen sink in there.  I squeezed in some dish soap and added the water.


Instant fun!  Everyone played well and took cues from the others.  Each person experimented and tried things.  We had a blast.


There was outdoor bath time. 


Watching Cole and copying his every move.  Sorry about the creepy faceless child, but you can’t see Little Man’s face.


“Just feeling the water tickle through our fingers.”  That is how Cole put it.  Isn’t that so cute?


And my favorite angle of the entire time was looking at miniature legs side-by-side.  Those legs had no idea the fun they were missing just 2 feet up.


Oh, we had our fail moments as well.  Charley learned that putting on make up was probably not a good thing to play with bubbles.


What are some of your favorite activities to bridge developmental and/or age gaps between children?



  1. Isn't it terrific how water play is almost therapeutic for young children! We played with bubbles too this week:)

  2. I am so excited to find your blog! My mom sent me the link this morning. I have a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 1. My son is adopted out of foster care and has the same kinds of issues.

  3. looks like one very happy little gang :) I am so happy today was a good day :) I love that table too!

    hes going to shine living in your love and care, I can tell! xx

  4. painting! each age group can try it at their own rate. Stickers also. If you peel the backing off you can use it for all 3 (did that make sense?).

    And, you forgot to blur his face in the first picture, just FYI. My friend in California isn't allowed to put pictures up either.

  5. This is such a cute idea. I'm always looking for fun things my two kids can do together that they'll both enjoy. My son is 6 years old and my daughter is 3 years old. While my son would be able to spend hours coloring and doing mazes my daughter will only do it for a few minutes and then she gets bored. I'll have to try this. I think it's great that you are able to take "little man" into your home.

  6. Oh I'm so happy to see you have a foster child now! What a sweetie, bless his little heart. And yours too! You are so kind and generous to have taken him into your home.

    Looks like a great idea for some outside, clean fun!

  7. Love the feet picture. I need a water table......

  8. this is awesome!! i love it. can't wait to get our old water table out of storage!

  9. That water table is awesome! So awesome and amazing that you have taken in a child who is so in need of a safe, loving home right now. Bless you for doing it!

  10. i need to be your facebook friend so i know these things. that's awesome!!!

    little man will learn so much being around you all. what a blessing for him!!!!


  11. How wonderful for all of you to have this little boy in your life...I hope to be a foster parent one day. Have you tried edible finger paint? We tried pudding and had a blast!

    I gave you an award here because I'm always looking forward to whatever clever project you will post next.

  12. Looks like fun. Maybe some tear-free bubble bath would work for "putting on make-up".

  13. paint and a lots of paper... paintbrush is optional. hands work well :)



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