Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teaching Preschoolers Foreign Languages

You might remember that I wanted to teach my children German.  So I hit the internet looking for programs to help teach a preschooler a foreign language.  

While I was searching I came across Little Pim.  The reviews were glowing and Little Pim had been featured in so many reputable magazines and sources.  So I contacted Little Pim asking them if they would like to be a part of my adventure in teaching my two young children German.

To my surprise, they were just as excited as I was about it.  So they sent me Little Pim Three Pack German.

The Little Pim Three Pack contains three DVDs.  The set includes Eating and Drinking (DVD 1), Wake Up Smiling (DVD 2) and Playtime (DVD 3).  This set is only $49.95.  I was really impressed by the price.  They do sell the DVDs individually.  The individual DVDs retail for $17.95 each.  We have started to watch Eating and Drinking.  The kids really enjoy watching this DVD and my son has requested it.  It works great for me to brush up on my German as well.  

The Eating and Drinking DVD has a lot of very useful translations.  I love the way they show children doing normal kitchen activities and eating.  Little Pim does a great job of showing the items and then it displays the item's German translation in writing on the screen.  That is helpful for us parents so we can read it and register it easier (and get a better idea of pronunciation).

The clips are short enough to keep my kids' attention, but yet they show enough to actually teach them.  My son actually grabbed his plate on Sunday and said, "Mommy, eine Telle."  When I picked my jaw off of the table, I told him that he was correct.  Then he told me, "And ein Glas", as he lifted his cup.  So I would say that the interest is there and Little Pim is doing a great job so far.

I have had weird questions like "How do you say ceiling fan in German?" and the ever so boyish "Mommy, how do you say poot in German?"  So I have Google Translate on hand for those moments.

So please join me as I use Little Pim to teach my children a foreign language.  I will be sharing our journey every Wednesday.  Every week I will share what we are doing, learning, and dive in further into Little Pim.  You get to learn more about our progress, follow along with us (if you would like) and learn more about Little Pim.

Little Pim does offer 10 languages, so if you are not wanting to learn German, you have plenty of options.

Are you teaching your children another language as well?  If so, please share which language and how you are doing it. 


  1. Julia, the mom behind Little Pim here! Thank you for this wonderful post, Kim. I talk to parents every day who are laying the building blocks for raising bilingual children. I'll be following your journey. Very exciting!

  2. That is so cool! I hope you share a little video clip, that would be so fun to see Cole speak German!

  3. Looks great! I want to teach Spanish to my kids. Other than my under-used minor, I was not sure how I would do it. So, thanks for the great idea!

  4. That is really cool! Miss Peach's preschool teaches Spanish, but it's really basic. She seems to be enjoying it though;)

  5. Yes, I will follow along. This sounds exciting.

  6. Love it that you are doing this... I'm teaching my kids Spanish since it's my native language.

  7. I try to teach my girls french, but I don't know if the gonna end up speaking it when they get older. they understand me when I speak french but they don't really communicate using it. The only french words they use is water, hot/cold, comb mainly because I never said these words in English myself... I would love to try Little pim to see if they would connect. I see them pick up a few Spanish words from Dora even Chinese from Kai-lan not so much French from me though. eh well

  8. This is such a wonderful task you have taken on. I
    Good luck and have fun
    I keep wishing my children and I would learn french and spanish... maybe these tapes will help that wish.
    will keep checking in
    hope you had a great mother's day by the way.

  9. I would love for my boys to learn Spanish since that is part of their heritage. Other than moving to MExico for a few years, I wasn't sure how to incorporate this into their lives. I think I will order this. SO excited!

  10. Very cool! I guess I haven't thought about teaching them another language.

    I'm just now getting to your blog to thank you for visiting on my SITS day. Between that and my family being in town and some other things, I'm so far behind. Hopefully, things will be back to normal next week!



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