Saturday, March 27, 2010

Say WHAT?!


“New rule starting now. We do not run with pee!”


Can you tell we are potty training?  Potty training always brings out the weirdest statements.  My daughter has no real interest in the reward system.  She likes to pee in the big potty and praise.  She also likes to pee in her potty and her favorite reward is to dump the pee into the big potty. 

She gets so excited that she runs to the bathroom as fast as she can (and that little chick is fast) carrying the basin with pee.  That stuff goes splashing everywhere.

I will let you know when my new rule is actually followed.  :-P

Chalk another one up to things I never thought would come out of my mouth.

So what have you said lately?  Please share with us.  Don’t make me feel like I am the only one.


  1. Ew!! lol I hope she picks up on that rule real quick for you!

  2. SO funny! I catch myself saying the most bizarre things. Like: Naked with crocs on is still naked.

  3. i had to tell my 4 year old that she can't try nursing her two year old brother...yikes! :)

  4. LMAO!!! good luck on potty training!

  5. Oh dear, we too are starting potty training with my 21 month old. It's so funny, he grunts like he's going #2 even when he's only going #1! (TMI? I hope not!)

  6. You aren't the only one. "Thats a poop face" is what I heard myself say last night to my 5 month old.



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