Saturday, March 20, 2010

Say WHAT?!


“Not everyone thinks looking like a giraffe is a good thing, Honey.”


We were in line at a store when my son told a lady that she was pretty.  She lit up and thanked him.  Before she could get the words completely out, Cole told her that she was so pretty because she looked like a giraffe.  He told her that giraffes were one of his favorite animals.

The woman was not so impressed with the comparison.  Needless to say, I think my son’s flattery needs some work.  But she did kind of look like a giraffe.

We were in the car and he just didn’t understand why the lady stopped smiling and didn’t seem happy.  So I had to say the above statement.

Chalk another one up to things I never thought would never come out of my mouth.

So what have you said lately?  Please share, don’t make me feel all alone.  :-)



  1. I had to explain to my 4 year old daughter that it was not appropriate to announce to an entire clothing store, that she was hiding under a clothes rack so she could pick her nose in private.

  2. Mine isn't what I said, but what my 3 1/2 year old said this morning...5 am, I hear his door fling open, he comes running into our room and says, "Mom, there's pop spilled all over my room!"

    I have no clue what he was talking about. Our kids don't even drink pop or ever have drinks in their rooms. He was just half asleep and must have had a weird dream!

    Happy Saturday! Take care Kim!

  3. Yeah, we had the fun discussion of bodily parts used by boys and girls for going potty. That was not a discussion I was looking forward to........
    I think he was sweet, it's a shame the woman didn't understand and show some compassion to him. That was quite a compliment in his mind.

  4. LOL! That's too cute!!

    I recently had to explain to my toddler (who showers sometimes with his Dad) why he shouldn't discuss with people the size of his father's "wiener." GAH!

  5. LMAO!! I love reading these every week!!! too funny!!

  6. Forgot to mention-I have something for you...come grab 'em up!

  7. Funny, funny. I heard on a radio talk show the other day that a woman had been complimented for the fact that she "looked like a lion in the face." By an adult. And she went out with the guy. He may just be on to something...

  8. I was so excited that this weekend I actually had one to share that was not just funny to me! This weekend we went to a friend's daughter's baptism in their catholic church. All dressed up and in an unfamiliar church (we are baptist)while waiting in the lobby for the family to finish with pictures I had to tell my three old "we do not power slide in the church!". My son, the "rocket star" as he likes to call himself will do a power slide anywhere there is a slick surface to do it on. Then he throws his hand up in the air like a rock star and does his best "rocket star" face and a little air guitar as he finishes his power slide. In the church...on sunday...with God and everyone watching. My little Rocket Star in training! :)

  9. That is too funny! The other day we were eating breakfast at a restaurant and Aiyana said, "Look Daddy, that little girl is so cute, she looks just like an elf!". I do not think the girls parents were amused.



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