Saturday, March 6, 2010


Untitled                             “Can you put that in the A hole?”


This line is from one of my friends.  I won’t say her name.  We had a play date a couple of weeks ago and she told me about that line and how she immediately thought of me.  I laughed really hard! 

Now for the explanation behind the line.  “Jane” was playing a shape sorting game with her youngest.  After her child had successfully placed objects in corresponding holes, she asked about the next shape…the letter A.  And that is when she said the above statement.

Now “Jane” can chalk one up to things she never thought would come out of her mouth!

I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with you.  Now share yours with us.



  1. hahahahaha!!!!! i love reading these

  2. Too funny!!! Have a good weekend!

  3. Hee hee. I laughed out loud for this one. But then again, I usually do for these.

  4. thats hilarious!!! I love it!

  5. Too funny!

    I had one a little like that. One of my children came home with the rootword: Homo. He had to define it and write some sentences. All through the assignment he was asking things like "what does homo mean"? "What are some words that use homo as a root"? I did manage to succeeded in not laughing and he returned the next day to school without any clue that mom would have thought that funny.

    (And if you are wondering Homo is greek, means same, and is used in words like homogeneous.)



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