Monday, March 8, 2010

I am part of the Mamarazzi

Do you chase your kids with your camera in hand?  Have you been told, “No more pictures, Mommy!”?  Is your memory card full of chocolate smiles and bare bottoms?  Then you are a part of the Mamarazzi.

                            3-7-10 017

                                     They can try to outrun you.


           3-7-10 018

                                    They can try to climb away.


                3-7-10 027

              They can try to go to the center of the earth to escape.


                       3-7-10 029

                             But the Mamarazzi will catch them.


                               3-7-10 034

                         Until their bodyguard steps in, that is.

                That looks means I need to stop taking pictures.


So are you a member of the Mamarazzi, too?  Go over to Household 6 Diva and link up your pictures on Mamarazzi Monday.



  1. Oh Kim -- this could be a Commercial!
    (Especially love the Bodyguard part!)

    Great Shots Mamarazzi!

  2. love this post nearly said that we have rocks around here that look like that but then you all ready know that LOL

  3. "Mammarazzi" - I love it! I'm guilty for sure!

    That said, my kids actually LIKE it. Sometimes they will be cuddled up and say, "Aw - mom... go get the camera and take a picture of us!" LOL!

  4. I am so a "Mammarazzi." But, my kids are turning into kiddorazzis........ So, it's turns out just fine.
    LOVED those pictures.

  5. This is so cute! Loved when their bodyguard stepped in!!

    I'm a guilty member of the mamarazzi too!

  6. That's hilarious! My kids are tired of me taking pics, too!

  7. Ha ha ha, that look is priceless. My kids have taken to asking "Is this going on the blog" (with a tone of amusement and resignation in their voice).

    Well you got adorable photos regardless!

  8. Great pics, Kim! Your kids are so cute :)

    You would not believe HOW MANY pics I have on my computer of my kids..UNBELIEVABLE!!

    Love the Mammarazzi!! There should be a theme song..I'm thinking Lady Gaga-ish ;P

  9. I love your writing, too funny! And your kiddos are so sweet! What a great place you are at. Is that where you live or vacation?
    And I get the same look from my husband. I am glad I am not the only wife that does it:O)

  10. Ha... when I (finally) am done taking photos I hand the camera TO my hubby and MAKE him take some. Cute post. Cute kiddos.

  11. I love this post! The pictures are great!

  12. LOL when at the zoo a while back I pulled out my camera and I said step off here comes the Mamarazzi my friend almost spit out her drink laughing. LOL I LOVE it!!!

    That last look I know well!

  13. OMG, Kim you made laugh with the Mamarazzi.

  14. Ha! That picture of the center of the earth? Terrifies me. I would panic walking under that thing.

    Very cute!

  15. Awesome pictures. I had to laugh at the bodyguard part! Sometimes it's nice to have the role reversal--husbands keeping us in line instead of the other way around. lol

  16. That is awesome! What a beautiful family you have! Even the scowly one at the end! ;)



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