Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Look for Rainbow Brite

                     rainbow brite

I am not the only one getting a new look around here.  Remember Rainbow Brite from your childhood?  If you are too young to know who Rainbow Brite is, you are no longer allowed to come to this site.  I am just kidding.  :-) 

I was given the opportunity to help spread the word that Rainbow Brite is coming back, and back with a new look.  Instead of looking like a 4 or 5 year old, Rainbow Brite and her friends look more like 7-8 year olds.  Still very sweet and cute looking.  It is nothing too grown up.

MomSelect and Hallmark sent me 10 CDs with Rainbow Brite games and activities on them.  They asked me to review the games/activities and Rainbow Brite’s new look. 

Unless Rainbow Brite’s new look consists of driving an excavator and having a talking dog, it is going to be of much interest to my test subject (my 3 1/2 year old boy).  My daughter is just too young.  So I gave one of the CDs I received to a girl in my son’s preschool class.

She is 4 and very into pony characters (you know the ones) and other girly things.  Her review of the CD was a BIG thumbs up.  She kept thanking me for the games.  Her mom told me that the games and activities were great and she liked the new look of Rainbow Brite.  The mom agreed that the look was more up to date without being too old and inappropriate for very young girls. 

Now for the remaining 9 CDs of Rainbow Brite games and activities.  Would you like one of them?

Well as usual, just fill out the form below.  Just to reiterate, this information is ONLY SEEN BY ME.  It doesn’t go anywhere but a goggle spreadsheet so I can have the entries numbered to determine the winners easier. 

Someone is going to win, it might as well be you!  Complete the form below before 9 pm CST on Wednesday, March 3rd to enter.  9 winners will be randomly selected and notified by email.  The winners will have 3 days to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected.


  1. Ok, get this - I had a Rainbow Brite sheet set. Nope, I'm not kidding. And if I remember correctly, there was a Rainbow Brite cereal. I was totally into her!

  2. OMG, Rainbow Brite! I like the new look. Sadly I don't think my little man would be as interested as I am.

  3. I had a sheet set, too!! I have to say I like the old one better, not because this one is not totally cute... I just love some old school characters. Yes, until there is an excavator in the line-up, my little men would not be too interested. Love it for little girls, though!

  4. Cute! I used to LOVE Rainbow Brite! That means I can still come visit your site, right Kim? ;)

  5. I have a handful of girls and I bet they'll love her just like I did!

  6. I remember Rainbow Brite and wanting one soooo bad. I always loved her bright colors!! I wonder if my soon-to-be 6 year old would like her. I will have to check this out and live vicariously through her. Hopefully she will share with Mommy!

  7. I just won one of these on another site, can't wait to get it. I'm a little nervous about the makeover, I liked her 5 year old look....... "In my day....." I'm getting old.

  8. I went to Toys R Us yesterday and saw the Rainbow Brites right next to Strawberry Shortcake. I almost grabbed a doll for my 3 year old.

  9. I'm now following your blog from MBC (GFC group)
    I would love for you to come on by and check it out my blog :)
    On the Brink de la Locura


  10. Ok the boys so would not be rocking the Raninbow Brite but I LOVED it when I was young. Yup my room was done up in it ;)

  11. I TOTALLY was into Rainbow Brite! I have 4 (almost 5) girls, so we would LOVE this prize!

    And yes, there was a cereal. Here's the commercial to bring back memories:

    :-) Jessica



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